NeXT Software, Inc. Trademark List

The following is a current list of NeXT’s trademarks and service marks.

When using the marks in publications that will be distributed only in the United States, include the appropriate TM sm, ® symbol on first use. For publications that will be distributed outside the United States, do not inlcude the trademark symbols. Instead use the appropriate trademark attribution notice, for example: NeXT and OpenStep are trademarks of NeXT Software, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Remember that trademarks are adjectives, therefore they must be followed by a generic term and they cannot be made plural or possessive.

All printed material must include a copyright notice and credit notices listing the NeXT trademarks mentioned therein.

For more information about how to use Apple’s trademarks, refer to the document titled “Guidelines for Third Parties Using Apple’s Trademarks” or contact the Trademark Department.

If one of the NeXT product or service names is not listed below, it should not be followed by a TM or ® notation and should not be included in the credit notice. However, if a product or service name includes NeXT or other NeXT marks listed in this trademark list, do apply the correct trademark symbol (TM, SM, ®) to that portion of the name for U.S. publications only. In addition, all NeXT trademarks need to be given the correct attribution in the credit section of all U.S. and international publications.

The absence of a product or service name or logo from this list does not constitute a waiver of NeXT’s trademark or other intellectual property rights concerning that name or logo.

  • NeXT™
  • Next Systems™ (Stylized)
  • NextStep™
  • OpenStep™
  • OpenStep Blocks Logo™
  • OpenStep Compliant Logo™