When you opt-in to the Genius feature by checking the box below, Apple will, from time to time, automatically collect information that can be used to identify media in your iTunes library on this computer, such as your play history and play lists.  This includes media purchased through iTunes and media obtained from other sources. This information will be stored anonymously and not associated with your name or iTunes account.  When you use the Genius feature, Apple will use this information and the contents of your iTunes library, as well as other information, to give personalized recommendations to you. 

Apple may only use this information and combine it with aggregated information from the iTunes libraries of other users who also opt-in to this feature, your iTunes Store purchase history data, aggregated purchase history data from other iTunes Store users, and other information obtained from third parties, to:

• Create personalized playlists for you from your iTunes library.

• Provide you with recommendations regarding media and other products and services that you may wish to purchase. 

• Provide recommendations regarding products and services to other users.

At all times your information will be treated in accordance with Apple’s Customer Privacy Policy which can be viewed at:

Once you opt-in to the Genius feature, you will be able to create Genius playlists on Genius-capable devices.  You must sync with your iTunes library after you have opted-in on iTunes to enable the Genius feature on a device.

If you would prefer we not collect and use information from your iTunes library in this manner, you should not enable the Genius feature.  You can revoke your opt-in choice at any time by choosing to turn off the Genius feature from the Store menu. Upon opting-out, iTunes will no longer send information about your iTunes library to Apple.  If you have elected to share your library from multiple computers, you need to turn off the Genius feature from each computer.