Improve Apple Pay & Privacy

Improve Apple Pay allows Apple to store deidentified transaction details from Apple Pay and cards you have connected to your financial accounts to help Apple develop and improve Apple Pay and related features.

If you opt in to Improve Apple Pay, the transaction and account details listed below from cards that you have connected to your financial account may be used by Apple to help develop and improve Apple Pay and related features. For example, Apple may review the merchant name and category to help assess whether merchants are being appropriately categorized in a way that is useful to Apple customers.

Transaction and account details are sent directly from your device to Apple. To help protect your privacy, identifiers that may accompany the transaction or account details—such as account, transaction, or device identifiers—are dropped or encoded so that they are not readily linkable to you or your device. Apple has also put in place additional guardrails to help ensure that the transaction and account details themselves cannot be used to link the transactions back to you. For example, Apple does not retain the precise time at which a transaction occurs.

The following details are shared with and stored by Apple:

  • Random identifier
  • Encoded identifiers related to your account or transaction
  • Transaction type (for example, debit or credit, transfer)
  • Transaction amount and currency
  • Transaction date
  • Transaction description
  • Transaction and/or account status
  • Information about the merchant (for example, name, category)
  • Account type and status
  • Account balance
  • Account terms (for example, interest rate)
  • Financial institution

At all times, information collected by Apple will be treated in accordance with Apple’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at

Published Date: March 5, 2024