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Your profile information will be used to create and maintain your Platoon for Artists account, to pay you for the music that you upload to Platoon where eligible, and to communicate with you.

Platoon is designed to protect your information.

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  • We collect your personal data to create and maintain your Platoon for Artists account and profile.
  • We also collect information about the audio tracks you add to your account to manage delivery of your releases.
  • In order to pay you for the music you upload to Platoon and to comply with legal requirements, we may collect from you your bank account and tax information.

Creating an Account

To create and manage your Platoon for Artists account, you will need to use either an Apple ID or Google Account. In addition to your Apple ID or Google Account email address, we will collect your first and last name, and your preferred professional name, if any. We use this information to create and manage your account. In addition, to create an account and use the platform, Platoon requires you to enter into a contract with us by accepting the applicable terms and conditions.

Artist Profile

Once you create your Platoon account, we will use the personal data you provided to generate your Platoon for Artists profile. You may choose to provide additional information for your profile, such as links to your social media accounts, but this is entirely voluntary. Platoon uses the information in your profile only for the purposes of providing services that you have requested and as required to administer your Platoon account.

Adding New Music

If you add audio tracks to your account, Platoon collects information about the audio tracks that you have added, including track information such as title, version, and International Standard Recording Code (ISRC). If you do not have an ISRC, one will be created for you. We also collect descriptive information about the track, including primary and featured artists, language, and whether the track contains explicit content. If you have master royalty split pay information, or publishing information, such as the writer or publisher name and their percentage share, we will collect that information as well to help manage payments and any licensing or royalty considerations.

Platoon allows you to group tracks together into a release. If you create a release, we will collect the release title and version, primary and featured artist information, and any release artwork that you choose to add.

To manage the delivery of your releases, we will collect information about the platforms and the countries or territories where you want to release your work, and the date on which you want it to be released. We will also ask whether you want to monetize your work on YouTube or add tracks to Apple Music Pre-Add and, if so, information about the tracks and Pre-Add dates. Platoon will review submitted releases for completeness and errors. If a release is rejected, that information will appear along with the release information on your account homepage. You also have the option to add your music to Apple Fitness+ to allow your music to be featured and included in Apple Fitness+ workout playlists. If you opt in to add your music to Apple Fitness+, information such as that set out in the first paragraph of the Creating an Account section of this policy will be shared with Apple Fitness+.

You can delete your music or audio track information at any time, but Platoon may continue to process some information in order to meet our contractual obligations or as required to comply with applicable law.

Payments and Accounting

In order to be eligible to receive payments for the music that you upload to Platoon for Artists, you must provide information about your bank account, including the account number, account type, routing number, account number and sort code, IBAN and/or SWIFT code, the account holder’s name and address, and the account country and currency type. Depending on your country of citizenship and residency, you may also be required to complete certain tax forms and provide Platoon with other information needed for tax collection and reporting. Platoon will use this information only to manage your account and to comply with laws and valid legal process. Any Platoon user who has access to your artist profile on the Platoon for Artists Platform for administrative or other necessary purposes (such as to support the processing of payments) can view the revenue tab, which contains your financial information. You can review your contract with Platoon (if you are a Platoon Artist) and current bank account information at any time by going to the Legal section of your Platoon account.

Adding Rightsholders to Platoon

If agreed to in writing with Platoon, you may have the option to allocate a portion of your share of royalties earned for your music uploaded to Platoon to additional rightsholders. If you choose to allocate a portion of your share of royalties earned to another rightsholder, the rightsholder will be required to agree to certain terms and conditions entered into between you and the rightsholder as well as agreeing to a clickthrough agreement with Platoon. Platoon will collect certain information from and about the rightsholder to be able to add the rightsholder to your account, and to enable the payment of the portion of the royalties allocated to the rightsholder. The information collected from and about the rightsholder may include the rightsholder’s name, email address, and bank account information (such as bank account number, bank account type, and routing number). All personal data collected from or about a rightsholder will be limited to the information necessary for the creation of an account with Platoon, to process payments earned by the rightsholder in accordance with the terms of the agreement between you and the rightsholder, and to comply with Platoon’s legal obligations. Platoon will process and retain rightsholder account information for as long as the rightsholder is associated with an artist with a Platoon account, or for as long as the information is needed to comply with law.


Platoon collects information about your music’s performance on various media platforms to provide you with visual and textual displays of relevant analytics in the Platoon service and for Platoon’s business purposes (such as analyzing use of the Platoon platform). This includes information about the number of plays per date, your top tracks and countries, and revenue by release, if available. Platoon will continue to process this information for so long as you maintain an account with Platoon.

Communicating with Platoon

If you have questions about Platoon, you can contact support at Platoon will use the information you share, including personal data, to process your request.

Platoon may send you communications that may be of interest to you. You can opt out of marketing messages by clicking the unsubscribe link in a marketing email.

Non-Personally Identifiable Data

Platoon collects non-personal and aggregated data about your use of the Platoon service, including information about use of the online platform. Platoon may use this information to improve Platoon products and services and for marketing purposes.

Other Information

Platoon will share information about the audio tracks that you upload to Platoon, as well as your name and contact information, with our global Affiliate, Apple Inc. in the United States, to analyze your use of the Platoon platform and for payment and marketing purposes. Platoon may also share information about you and the audio tracks that you upload with certain third parties you are affiliated with (such as rightsholders) for business purposes.

Platoon will retain personal data associated with your Platoon for Artists account for as long as you maintain your account. Your account information will be deleted upon your request, unless we are required to retain it under applicable law.

At all times, information collected by Platoon Ltd and its global affiliates, including Apple Inc., will be treated in accordance with Apple’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at

Published on December 12, 2022