TV that everyone can control.

Apple TV comes with assistive technologies that open up the future of television to everyone. Catch every word of a comedy without needing to hear it. Know what’s happening in every scene of a movie without needing to see it. Or stay up late to binge-watch your favourite series, even if you never pick up the remote.


“Appeals, 4 minutes, button, 2 of 10.”

VoiceOver on Apple TV

The new Apple TV supports VoiceOver, the built-in screen reader from Apple. Available in more than 30 languages in both compact and high-quality formats, VoiceOver tells you exactly what’s on your TV screen and helps you choose commands. The tvOS version incorporates many VoiceOver gestures you’re already familiar with — including flicks, taps and the rotor. To activate VoiceOver, simply triple-click the Menu button and let Apple TV guide you through setup.

VoiceOver and Pronunciation Editor

The Pronunciation Editor allows you to create a list of words or phrases and the phonetic ways you want them to be pronounced by VoiceOver. These words and phrases will then be read aloud with your preferred pronunciation in menus, games, entertainment titles and other text.

“Appeals, 4 minutes, button, 2 of 10.”

VoiceOver on Apple TV

New Display Accommodations

Colour Filters on Apple TV

There are a range of colour filters tailored to different forms of colour blindness and other vision challenges. Select one of the common presets or fine-tune the colour tint and hue to create a screen setting that works for you. Once you set your filter, it applies to everything you see on Apple TV.

Increase Contrast

Increase contrast on the screen by reducing the transparency of background elements on Film and TV Programme pages, menu tabs and more. You can also turn on a high-contrast cursor to better delineate the focused content.

Colour Filters on Apple TV


Zoom is a built-in magnifier that works anywhere in the new Apple TV. With magnification adjustable up to 15 times the native size, Zoom can help users with a range of vision challenges.

Bold Text

Choose Bold Text to make the text easier to read across elements of the Apple TV interface.


Choose the light background to make posters and icons stand out more clearly. Or select the dark background and make watching TV at home feel more like going to the movies.

Reduce Motion

When you turn on Reduce Motion, some screen actions — such as moving between app icons on the Home screen and launching apps — are visually simpler.


You can use Dictation to enter text in search fields and sign in to apps with your voice by spelling out your user name and password.

Audio Descriptions

Watch movies with audio descriptions on Apple TV. Movies that are available to rent or buy with audio descriptions are displayed with the AD icon in the iTunes Store.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Using a Bluetooth keyboard lets you enter information quickly and navigate the Apple TV interface more easily. As you type, VoiceOver echoes each character on the keyboard as you touch it and again when you enter it.*

Accessibility Shortcut

Quickly turn on and off VoiceOver, Zoom, Bold Text and more using the Accessibility Shortcut. Once the shortcut is enabled in Apple TV, you can simply triple-click the Menu button to access your preferred accessibility features.



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