Features available
with Numbers.

Numbers does the work for you. So you can visualise data like never before.


Get the updates.
Then get in touch.

Stay up to date when people join, edit or comment in collaborative spreadsheets and easily get in touch with your team using Messages and FaceTime.


Get more done on iPad.

Quickly insert objects, find settings and get to your favourite tools with the customisable toolbar. And Stage Manager extends multitasking across the big screen when working with multiple apps at the same time.*

Find trends with pivot tables.

This powerful and intuitive data analysis tool makes exploring patterns and trends easy and beautiful. You can even open Microsoft Excel files with pivot tables right in Numbers. And they aren’t just for Mac — pivot tables work great on your iPad and iPhone too.

Highlight comparisons with radar charts.

Visually compare multiple variables across different series. Radar charts make it easy to see similarities and differences clearly.

Forms. Reimagined.

With redesigned forms, it’s never been easier to create and customise a form. Simply provide input to a single row in Numbers for iPadOS by adding a form to any table or using the Basic form template. And with collaboration support, everyone on your team can contribute to the same form.

Powerful new RegEx features.

Match text flawlessly with RegEx functions. Easily manipulate text, match patterns in your data and create formulas that are even more flexible.

XLOOKUP comes to Numbers.

With XLOOKUP, you can find values in columns and rows, or look for exact, approximate or partial matches. This function makes Numbers even more compatible with Microsoft Excel.


Work smarter with new functions.

Compare values and combine text with functions, including SWITCH, BITAND, CONCAT, TEXTJOIN and more.

Other Key Features


Easily record, edit and play audio directly in a spreadsheet.

Captions and titles stick with objects

Easily add text to tables, data, images and videos. Your words will automatically stay with objects — if and when you move them.

Colour, gradients and images

Apply a colour, gradient or image to the background of any sheet, to your text or to any shape.

Custom templates

Create templates to use as starting points for new spreadsheets, and access them on any device using iCloud.

Dark Mode

Enable Dark Mode to give Numbers a dramatic dark look and emphasise your content.


Export to other formats, including Microsoft Excel, CSV and TSV.


Numbers supports hundreds of functions to perform complex calculations, including XLOOKUP and RegEx.

Gorgeous charts

From columns to doughnut charts, there are many ways to display your data. You can create an audio representation of your chart using VoiceOver on iOS and iPadOS.

iCloud Drive folder sharing

Add a Numbers spreadsheet to a shared iCloud Drive folder and automatically start collaborating.

Image background removal

Quickly remove an image’s background to isolate its subject or make unwanted parts of an image transparent.

Maths equations

Add elegance to your mathematical equations using LaTeX or MathML notation.

Microsoft Excel compatibility

Import and export Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, with support for up to one million rows and one thousand columns per table.

Offline collaboration

Edit shared spreadsheets while offline, and your changes will automatically upload when your account’s online again.

Offline collaboration

Edit shared spreadsheets while offline, and your changes will automatically upload when your account’s online again.

Precise object editing

Use more precise editing controls to fine‑tune the look and placement of your objects.

Reading Mode

Scroll through your spreadsheet, zoom in and out, and interact with it — without accidentally changing your data.

Shapes library

Choose from more than 700 Apple‑designed shapes. Then change the colour and size, add text, and even create and save your own shapes.

Smart Categories

Use Smart Categories to quickly organise and summarise tables, and gain new insights. Group your data based on unique values and date ranges, including day of week, day, week, month, quarter and year. You can instantly show count, subtotal, average, maximum and minimum values for columns in each group, and then create charts of your summarised data.

Sort and filter

Use powerful sorting and filtering to organise your data. Quickly select values to show or hide in a table and easily find duplicates, unique values, blank cells and more.

Trackpad and mouse support on iPad

Use Numbers with Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad for a new way to work with your documents.

Web videos

Add a YouTube or Vimeo video to explain your data, then play it directly from Numbers, without the need to open a web browser. Simply add a link, and play your web video inside your spreadsheet.

Worksheet links

Jump to other sheets in your Numbers spreadsheet by creating text links.