Mallya Aditi International School
Bangalore, India

Powerful tools spark more engaging ways to teach and learn.

1:1 iPad for
1:1 iPad for

When teachers are empowered, they can make anything happen. At Mallya Aditi International School, a private K-12, a group of passionate teachers imagined a world where every student had access to a powerful set of tools, and every teacher could create their own rich and engaging curriculum.

In 2012, they started small, with an iPad for every teacher. The reception was so positive that, by 2014, the school leadership invested in and deployed an iPad for every student and teacher across the entire elementary and middle schools. Thanks to creative tools such as the built-in camera and microphone on iPad, and powerhouse apps like iMovie, Clips, and GarageBand, teachers can facilitate learning in a way that works best for them — and their students.

In one biology lesson, students create animated GIFs in Keynote, bringing the system of interdependent food chains to life and deepening their understanding of the subject matter — all while learning valuable creative skills. And with Apple TV in every classroom, students easily share their creations and learnings with the class.

“It’s inspiring to see how students are collaborating with each other. Their favorite part is creating videos in Clips on iPad, which helps them to learn and summarize concepts, rather than having to memorize. iPad just makes everything so simple.”
Rekha Chari Elementary Coordinator and Teacher, Mallya Aditi International School

Prior to iPad, teachers shared lesson plans, notes, and assignments on an ad-hoc basis via USB drives or email. Now they’re actively collaborating in free Apple apps like Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. And Apple Professional Learning resources — including on-demand tutorials in the Learning Center — are a go-to for all their teachers to find creative ideas.

From professional learning offerings that inspire creative lesson plans, to tools that help students express their learning, iPad is supporting Mallya Aditi’s vision of creating the ideal environment for teaching and learning.

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