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UPDATE October 26, 2021

LumiHealth and Apple Watch helping Singaporeans live a healthier life

Since launching in October 2020, even more Singaporeans are now enjoying the benefits of the innovative LumiHealth program
A woman tracking her rowing exercise with her Apple Watch, powered by LumiHealth.
More Singaporeans are now enjoying the benefits of LumiHealth and living a healthier life.
LumiHealth is a first-of-its-kind program designed by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board in conjunction with Apple as part of the country’s Smart Nation initiative, a national effort to leverage technology to deliver benefits to its citizens and businesses.
Created in collaboration with a team of physicians, public health experts, and powered by Apple Watch, LumiHealth encourages healthy lifestyle changes through a personalised program, designed with privacy and data security built in.1 LumiHealth focuses on the individual’s holistic health and wellness, including physical activity, mental wellbeing, sleep, nutrition, preventive screening, and vaccinations, plus regular updates on managing through the COVID-19 pandemic.
The LumiHealth app on iPhone encouraging its user to accept a Workout challenge on his Apple Watch.
LumiHealth encourages healthy lifestyle habits through harnessing the power of iPhone and Apple Watch.

Making a Positive Change

With over 200,000 downloads of the app since launching in October 2020, LumiHealth has also served over 7 million challenges focused on health and wellness to help Singaporeans become more attuned to taking control of their health.
The program has encouraged users to be more active across their move, exercise, and stand goals. Notably, LumiHealth users have increased their daily exercise minutes by over 39 percent when compared to the month before they started the program.2 Users identified as being part of a ‘Low Activity’ group before joining LumiHealth have seen the most benefit, increasing their exercise minutes by over 88 percent after nine months of participation.3
Mental wellbeing is another key feature of the program, with 79 percent of users experiencing some form of stress at the start of the program.4 To address this feedback, LumiHealth has served more than 3 million mental wellbeing challenges, including tips for stress management and support tools, with 67 percent of users saying they will continue applying these skills in the future.
Infographic on the health benefits from those that use the LumiHealth app.
LumiHealth’s holistic approach has helped Singaporeans become more attuned to taking control of their health.
“Since the launch of LumiHealth, we have seen how Singaporeans have been encouraged to make long-lasting and healthier changes to their everyday lifestyles. This is another step towards personalised health promotion where we empower Singaporeans to take small, everyday steps for long-term health benefits in a way that is convenient, motivating, and attainable for their personal lifestyle,” said Zee Yoong Kang, Singapore’s Health Promotion Board’s CEO.
“We are delighted to see the positive impact LumiHealth has on the everyday lives of users. By harnessing the power of iPhone and Apple Watch, users are in control of developing a balanced lifestyle, all within this compelling and fun app. With this program, Apple continues to support the same privacy-friendly approach that distinguishes all Apple products and services,” said Dr. Mithun Patel, Apple’s head of Health Strategic Initiatives.

LumiHealth in Action

Over the past year, LumiHealth has helped Singaporeans from all walks of life and age groups adopt healthier habits. Utilising the powerful fitness tracking and mindfulness features of Apple Watch, LumiHealth continues to inspire users to focus on their health and wellness.
To writer and marketing professional Faz Gaffa, LumiHealth is a great complement to her Apple Watch.
“As a working parent, I juggle multiple projects at a time so LumiHealth provides me with helpful reminders to keep my health in check,” Gaffa said. “These include breathing exercises using the Breathe app to help my mental health, curbing sugar intake to keep my diet in check, and switching up my workouts so I don’t keep doing the same thing. When you have many things going on, an app that helps you keep your wellbeing in check is very much welcomed.”
LumiHealth user Faz Gaffa wearing her Apple Watch holding her child, smiling.
Marketing professional and working parent Faz Gaffa has found the helpful reminders on LumiHealth are a convenient way to keep her health in check.
Joseph Ong, a retired caregiver, shares how LumiHealth has been essential in helping him with his wellness routine.
“It gives you a great reason to keep doing what you are doing health-wise, with integration with the Health app on iPhone and not to mention the monetary benefits of getting HPB eVouchers,” Ong said. “I had a haemorrhoidectomy done and it was helpful in slowly getting me back on my feet again by allowing me to choose more diet-based goals. And since I would not have any energy on some occasions, I would choose the mindfulness goals to guide and help me manage my pain or anxiety.”
LumiHealth paired with Apple Watch has also been instrumental in getting creative director and father Benjamin Lee into a healthier lifestyle.
“I was stubbornly sedentary for the better part of the last two decades but as middle age took hold, I could no longer ignore the danger signs — my body was practically yelling out for my attention,” he said. “LumiHealth’s non-intimidating little nudges that make sure I sleep better, manage my stress, and eat healthier meals have worked for me, as well as the simple act of closing my rings every day on my Apple Watch — small changes that have turned into habit-forming healthy actions.”
LumiHealth user Benjamin Lee and his son in their workout attire sitting on a grassy hill, both wearing Apple Watch.
LumiHealth has helped Benjamin Lee adopt healthier habits, like closing his Activity rings on his Apple Watch, by taking frequent outdoor walks with his son.
Vanessa Caitlin, a digital content director shares, “With the constant work-from-home fatigue, it’s been harder than ever to stay on track with my journey towards a healthier me. Thanks to the personalised challenges on LumiHealth, it’s like the app knew just what I needed to feel motivated and meet my fitness goals. Together with my Apple Watch, it’s so easy to keep track of my workouts, close my Activity rings every day, and earn LumiPoints. LumiHealth isn’t just about the challenges though, it’s also educated me on the benefits of vaccines, whole grains, as well as sleep health.”

New Feature Programs and Challenges to Build Even More Healthier Habits

To continue to support users in making more meaningful changes to their health and wellbeing, LumiHealth is introducing brand new programs with challenges focusing on weight management, leveraging LumiHealth’s holistic approach and Apple Watch’s powerful fitness features.
With the new Healthy Weight Habits program, eligible users will be able to choose to receive a combination of curated nutrition and activity challenges, as well as reminders for regular weight check-ins. Highly personalised, the program is designed to run for 30 days and users will have the option to repeat it. Users who are less active will also be offered curated activity challenges that can be easily completed and tracked on Apple Watch to help them gradually level up their activity. 
LumiHealth’s Healthy Weight Habits program on iPhone 13.
With the new Healthy Weight Habits program, eligible users will be able to choose to receive a combination of curated nutrition and activity challenges to focus on weight management.
Additionally, to celebrate one year of LumiHealth, existing users referring new participants using the in-app referral feature will be rewarded with 10,000 points — five times the usual number of points for each successful enrolment. New participants will also receive 10,000 points, making it even easier to start earning rewards from the start of their LumiHealth journey.
With these new updates, LumiHealth paired with Apple Watch will provide a more powerful and personalised platform for Singaporeans to develop healthier habits and make long-lasting positive changes for their wellbeing.
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  1. Participation in the program is voluntary and users must opt in and provide consent to share limited information with LumiHealth when they join, and may opt out at any time.
  2. Results are from users that opt in to share data with Apple. Includes data for users that wear their Apple Watch at least three days a week (at least eight hours worn per day) and miss no more than two weeks through nine months’ tenure.
  3. ‘Low Activity’ group are users whose average daily calories burned from exercise and daily activity is less than 37.5 percent of the calories required for basic functions at rest in the month prior to joining LumiHealth.
  4. Results are from users that opt in to share data with Apple.

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