Improve Communication Safety & Privacy

Improve Communication Safety is designed to protect your information and enable you to choose what you share.

If you opt in to Improve Communication Safety, Apple collects data about how Communication Safety is used in order to improve and understand the effectiveness of the feature. This information is aggregated and subject to privacy preserving techniques such as differential privacy, and is not linked to an Apple ID or other data Apple may have from your child’s use of other Apple services.

Examples of the aggregated data that will be collected include:

  • The percentage of total images sent and received that have been identified as being explicit.
  • The number of taps or clicks on “Ways to get help”.
  • The percentage of taps or clicks on Communication Safety options.

You can turn off Improve Communication Safety at any time on an iOS or iPadOS device by going to Settings > Screen Time, tapping the name of a child in your family group, then tapping Communication Safety > Continue, or on Mac by going to System Settings > Screen Time, clicking the name of a child in your family group, then clicking Communication Safety > Continue. At all times, information collected by Apple will be treated in accordance with Apple’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at

Published Date: February 1, 2023