Isaac Alferos - Business

Studied Business Administration and Finance
California State University, United States, class of 2022

“I’m doing so many things. My devices can’t fail. They can’t be a limiting factor. I love the flexibility of Apple devices and how dependable they are, wherever I am.”

As a recent Business graduate of California State University, Fullerton, Isaac Alferos has tirelessly engaged as a digital equity advocate and activist in higher education — and he’s made real change across California and beyond.

As one of the few African and Asian Americans in his school, Isaac experienced systemic racism early on. “My teachers disciplined me harder — I was always perceived as being disruptive. I learnt to reject what I was in favour of performing what they wanted me to be.”

At CSU Fullerton, Isaac joined the Male Success Initiative, where men of colour are empowered to achieve their potential. Feeling “at home” for the first time, it inspired him to advocate for an accessible, inclusive future in education through policy change.

For the past year, Isaac has served as president of the Cal State Student Association and was recognised by the California State legislature as the official representative of 480,000 students across all 23 CSU campuses. He’s chosen Apple technology to power every step of his work, from the lecture hall to city hall.

“As a man of colour whose success was fostered in my community, I have a duty to ensure our narratives are never forgotten.”

Notes on iPad with Apple Pencil supports every aspect of his civic engagement with board members and campus leaders, as well as his research work. “iPad is my Swiss Army Knife — it works for all situations, and seamlessly with my Mac and iPhone to support my full calendar of activities.”

For academic work, Isaac uses Mac with RStudio to crunch data sets and conduct research for his successful proposals — like writing state-wide legislation that makes it easier for low-income students to apply to university with a single, universal application.

iPad also enables his creativity and helps “humanise what leadership looks like, by making it personal”. Through the Black + Brown Healing Project, an organisation he founded to support Black, Indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC) writers and creatives, he wrote a book of poetry capturing his experiences as a Black queer man — all on iPad.

The foundation of leadership and productivity that Isaac has built as an undergraduate will continue to serve as a springboard for his commitment to social justice. And he’s just getting started.


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