Elle “L” Lim-Chan - Digital Artist

Studying MFA in Comics
California College of the Arts, United States, class of 2023

“Animation is my first love and telling meaningful stories is my passion. Bringing those together on iPad is a magical process.”

With their insightful, thought-provoking works, California College of the Arts MFA student Elle Lim-Chan is using iPad to transform traditional comics into inclusive experiences that comment on culture and identity.

“Storytelling often creates experiences for those around us based on our own experiences and values. For queer and trans people, actively shaping a space for ourselves is particularly relevant but it has been harder to do.”

A non-binary, first-generation American, Elle’s mission was first inspired by the experiences of their Chinese South African parents, who immigrated to the United States during Apartheid. Earning a degree in anthropology from Stanford University and participating in San Francisco’s arts scene gave Elle the foundation to begin telling their own meaningful stories about society.

“The underground comic scene has always been a place for hearing trans voices, but it has been limited by distribution. iPad Pro and Apple Pencil enable me to create and publish zines with QR codes that can be shared online.”

Apple technology powers Elle’s ability to bring together creative art and narrative to develop web comics. “Apple seamlessly supports and encourages self-expression, which is really important to me.”

“I love having different screen sizes for different levels of engagement,” they say, using MacBook with Photoshop for design work, and iPad with Procreate for illustrations and sketching. “And with Apple Pencil’s responsiveness and organic feel, I’m not missing anything from a traditional pen or pencil.”

After graduation, Elle intends to use their portfolio to progress their career as a freelance artist working across multiple mediums — a testament to how Apple products can open new opportunities of creative freedom.

“There’s nothing more impactful than being your authentic self,” they say. “This is even more important for queer and trans people and involves even more creativity, bravery and confidence to inspire others.”


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