DiKe Su - Nature Photography

Studying Photography
Communication University of China, China, class of 2023

“My MacBook Pro is not only my portable workstation, but also my most reliable partner when I am chasing the storm.”

DiKe Su has been in awe of Mother Nature’s beauty (and fury) since he was in his early teens, recording videos of storms and sharing them with his followers online. Now in his second year at Communication University of China, he’s studying photography to turn his passion into a full-fledged career as a climate documentarian.

“I love capturing extreme weather events. When I’m chasing a storm, Apple’s products and technologies empower me to be my most creative.”

As a videographer specialising in weather phenomena, DiKe needs to be ready whenever lightning strikes. He considers MacBook Pro his most reliable partner in the field because of its battery life and robustness of professional software like Final Cut Pro, which allows him to easily edit footage wherever, whenever.

Like many students, DiKe adjusted to remote learning by making the most of his surroundings. During the summer, he used his iPhone to film a documentary about a flood in his home town of Chengdu. He quickly shared video clips with his teammates using AirDrop, previewed raw footage on iPad, used Sidecar to work on his MacBook Pro and iPad screens simultaneously, then edited on Final Cut Pro.

“Final Cut Pro on Mac brings a wealth of power in a UI that’s simple enough for students and professionals, helping an aspiring documentarian like me breeze into the professional world.”


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