After 169 years, success is measured in minutes.

Swedish manufacturer Hӓstens tailors amazing handmade beds and, until recently, sold them in its own time-honoured, traditional ways. Now with custom apps, it’s also completely transforming the customer experience of buying its mattresses on the showroom floor. Where configuring a product for a potential customer used to take pen and paper, it now takes only a tap on an iPhone. And where finalising the purchase required configuring the order on a PC in the back office, it now happens in an instant.

At a glance

1KiPhone devices deployed
95%Faster ordering

Shopping at app speed.
From configuration to confirmation.

Point of Sale

Previously, when a customer made a purchase, a sales associate usually had to input the order into a PC in the back of the store, taking up to 30 minutes. Now using iPhone, Hӓstens Sleep Experts can configure everything from the size and firmness of the mattress to the style and colour of the legs, and finalise it in under two minutes with a custom app that was developed using the Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS.

Only with Apple


Custom apps allow companies to create powerful tools built on the simple, intuitive iOS platform. Hӓstens custom apps are integrated with business-critical systems, and transform both the customer experience and the day-to-day productivity of sales associates.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a quick, easy and secure way to pay. It uses the Apple devices customers already use every day. Companies can integrate their custom mPOS apps with Apple Pay so they don’t have to rely on additional PC terminals, freeing up space in the store and making for a better customer experience.


Apple’s partnership with Deloitte brings iPhone and iPad enterprise expertise through a dedicated Apple practice of 5,000 consultants and solution-focused workshops. Hästens worked with Deloitte to develop a powerful point-of-sale app made with the Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS.


The best beds meet the best experience.

iPhone and custom apps have transformed the in-store customer experience.

Instead of leaving the showroom, sales associates can configure an order with the customer side by side, leading to a better experience.

An average order is reduced from up to 30 minutes to under two minutes.

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