Travelling across Canada to support Canadian businesses. With iPad.

Business Development Bank of Canada account managers love the ease and familiarity of iPadOS, and they love that meeting preparations that used to take 45 minutes now take under 10. Always on the move, they support small and medium-sized businesses across the country with loans, financial services and advisory help. Before making iPad an essential tool, they depended on legacy systems to help prep for meetings and carried important client information in paper form. By adopting Apple devices, they can use powerful custom apps to access client profiles instantly, quickly get loans approved, initiate service contracts, capture cheque images to pre‑approve payments and more.

At a glance

62KBusinesses supported
600Account managers
25KHours saved by account
managers annually

iPad. Goes where computers don’t.
iPad and custom apps go a long, long way for BDC account managers.

Consulting Services

iPadOS makes the hard stuff look easy.

Client Services

Technology that builds better relationships.

Client Profiles

With a familiar face,
a familiar interface.

Best Practices

Developing a standard for developing.


A custom loan app can help a business stay afloat.

Only with Apple

and Security

Combined with iPad, which keeps information safe with Touch ID and Face ID, iPadOS provides the ability to use per-app VPN with single‑sign‑on profiles and Kerberos authentication, so account managers in the field can confirm their identity. And it also encrypts financial information, protecting customers’ data.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Apple Business Manager and AirWatch Mobile Device Management allow BDC to effortlessly deploy and manage devices and apps across the company, entirely zero-touch.

Developer Resources

Xcode and Swift allow businesses to harness the full capability of iPadOS. BDC has adopted these transformational programming languages for everything from initial applications like Mail and Calendar, to sales tools that help reduce paper marketing, to efforts to better harness data from back-end systems.


What’s better for banks is also better for businesses.

BDC redesigned the loan process, reducing approval time from 10 days to minutes.

Higher satisfaction among clients for advisory and loan operations.

iPad and iPadOS saved time and resources, contributing to more advisory contracts signed overall.

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