Unstoppable you.

Ace your assignments. Crush your presentations. Build an app that makes a difference. Or surprise yourself with what’s possible. Whatever tomorrow brings, you’re more than ready for it.

Performance Master. Faster.

From the first day of class to landing your dream job, Mac and iPad have the power, performance and capability to prepare you for whatever’s next.

Powerful processors that easily zip through the most intensive tasks. Stunning displays for stunning work. Compatible with the apps used by pros in your future field. Mac will see you through college and beyond.

Juggles Microsoft Office, MATLAB, Autodesk® Maya® and more.

The intuitively familiar iPad is the ultimate in versatility. Type, write, sketch, record, create and stream content — iPad puts a world of possibilities in your hands.

Light in your backpack.
Heavy on features.

Performance at a glance.

  • Compatible with everything from Microsoft Office and Google Docs on Mac, iPad, and iPhone to Autodesk® AutoCAD®, MATLAB and Autodesk® Maya® on Mac.

  • Batteries that intelligently adapt to your routine for all-day battery life on Mac and iPad. The revolutionary Apple M1 chip gives you up to 20 hours on the 13-inch MacBook Pro and up to 18 hours on MacBook Air.

  • Storage for every group project and memorable moment on every device. Get up to 2TB of cloud storage with iCloud.

  • Sustainably made for the planet with recycled materials. And built tough for you.

Done. Done. Done. Next?

Everything Apple makes works together simply and seamlessly so you can focus on what matters. Start a project on iPad and finish it on Mac. Tweak your presentation on iPhone just before class. Mix, match, find your flow and own your learning.

Turn your handwriting into typed text.

Take notes and capture your ideas however and whenever they come to you. Mac and iPad come with built-in Notes and Voice Memos, and you can download apps like Notability and GoodNotes 5.

Record notes with your iPhone. Continue on your Mac.

Create stunning reports with built-in templates.

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote work seamlessly across Mac, iPad and iPhone so you can express your creativity in beautiful ways.

Create stunning reports with built-in templates.

“iPad is incredible for medical school —
it’s my external brain!”
Manichaya Sukonpatip
Class of 2023, Chulalongkorn University

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are helping Sukonpatip progress in medical school and inspire other students. See how she incorporates creativity into her quest to help others.

“As a man of colour whose success was fostered in my community, I have a duty to ensure our narratives are never forgotten.”
Isaac Alferos
Class of 2022, California State University, Fullerton

See how Alferos is using Apple technology to drive impactful policy change and help combat discrimination and digital insecurity in higher education.

Productivity at a glance.

  • Accessibility features are built in for every kind of learner. Like VoiceOver, which uses audio to help you navigate within apps. And Speak Screen to turn any textbook into an audiobook.

  • Night Shift uses your clock and location to automatically adjust the colour of your display for easier all-nighters.

  • Sidecar wirelessly connects your iPad to Mac as a second display for more study space.

  • Spaces gives you multiple desktops on Mac to compartmentalise different projects.

  • Reminders and Calendar keep track of deadlines and schedules.

Creation Think. Make. Build. Do.

Calling all creators. Everything is yours to reimagine and remake. Explore newfound passions and pick up new skills. Build an app, create a series or launch the next big thing. Surprise yourself — and the world.

iPhone, Mac, and iPad are full-on production houses with iMovie, GarageBand and Photos built in. Create content to your heart’s content.

Add magic to any creative project.

“As an aspiring teacher and visual learner, my goal is to make learning fun, creative and inclusive.”
Hannah Pengilly
class of 2024, University of Canberra, Australia

See how Secondary Education and Arts student Hannah uses Apple technology to be her most creative self — as an artist and future teacher.

“Apple seamlessly supports my creativity, so I can capture my ideas from anywhere.”
Suwara Sumettavanich
Class of 2023, Chulalongkorn University

An aspiring graphic designer, Sumettavanich uses iPad Pro and MacBook Pro to make studio-quality graphics. Learn how she turned a childhood pastime into an inspiring career path.

“Gen Z is innovating how
voices are shared.”
Elle Lim-Chan
Class of 2023, California College of the Arts

Learn how Lim-Chan is using iPad and Apple Pencil to create web comics that tell stories from marginalised communities.

Control Logic Pro on Mac. With Logic Remote on iPhone.

Mac and iPad come with all the apps you need to start creating. And whenever you’re ready to produce professional films and music, step up to pro apps on Mac like final cut pro or Logic Pro.

Turn ideas into apps with Swift.

Swift is a coding language that’s easy to learn and is used by developers everywhere. And no matter your level, Apple has resources to help you advance your coding skills.

“Quickly sketching an idea in Freeform, prototyping in SwiftUI, and testing it out feels like having a superpower.”
Jia Chen Yee
Class of 2024, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore

Learn why Jia Chen chooses Swift with Xcode on Mac
for creating and problem solving.

“I want to develop apps and innovate ways that help people improve their lives.”
Gam Preenapun
Class of 2026,
Chiang Mai University

See how Preenapun, a second-year medical student, combines research, creativity and Apple technology to invent tools that improve public health and safety.

“Apple technology allows me to fulfil my dreams, whether it’s mentoring other students or creating apps that can improve people’s lives.”
Nguyen “Zoey” Vu
class of 2024, University of Waterloo, Canada

See how self-taught app developer and Mathematics student Zoey is using Swift and Apple technology to honour her Vietnamese heritage.

Take your creativity further.

  • Develop in Swift includes free resources to help you learn to code — in or out of class.

    Learn more

  • Creative Projects video series shows you how to film, edit, draw and more on iPhone and iPad.

    Watch now

  • Master Your Major with curated apps for every subject.

    Learn more

  • Today at Apple has tons of tutorials and tips from pros that you can watch at home or experience IRL.

    Learn more

Collaboration Snap it. Text it. Send it. Bring it.

Whether your classmates are in the same room or in a different country, secure collaboration is key. Share ideas in live documents, send giant files or talk it out using your favourite chat and video conferencing apps.

Miles apart? Get on the same page.

No connection? Send it with AirDrop.

See you, you, you, and you on FaceTime.

Collaboration at a glance.

  • Messages syncs your conversations across iPhone, Mac and iPad. And when you need to figure out a problem together, Messages on Mac makes it easy to share your screen.

  • AirDrop lets you share your photos or project files wirelessly with anyone in the room.

  • Group FaceTime is perfect for brainstorms with up to 32 people.

  • Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Notes are built for collaboration. Share a link, and your classmates are in.

  • Privacy and security are built into every Apple device. Control what you share — and who you share it with. Mac models with the Apple M1 chip or the Apple T2 Security Chip encrypt your data on the fly.

Aaaaand, breathe.

Meditation sessions. Original shows. And playlists for mellowing out. Balance work and play with apps and services to keep you entertained, relaxed and well.

Nothing comes between you and your music with Active Noise Cancellation on AirPods Pro. And if your BFF has a pair of AirPods, you can both join the party with Audio Sharing on your iPhone or iPad.

All-access music. All your devices.

With gorgeous Retina displays, immersive sound systems, and all the content you can dream of, Mac and iPad transform any dorm room or living room into a full-on cinematic experience.

Movies are easier on the eyes with Night Shift.

Run. Breathe. Take a beat. Apple Watch
helps you keep track of whole-body
wellness so you’re up for marathon study sessions. Or actual marathons.

Take a
timeout at crunch time.

Play across hundreds of new worlds with Apple Arcade. One subscription. No ads or in-app purchases. You’ll never run out of fun.

Jump from iPhone to iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Recharge at a glance.

  • Do Not Disturb gives you control over your downtime.

  • Screen Time helps you keep an eye on your device use.

  • The Health app makes it easy to organise and access your health information by consolidating your data from your iPhone, Apple Watch, and the third-party apps you use in one convenient, secure place.

Unparalleled privacy. A clean footprint. Access for all.


Every Apple product is built from the ground up to protect your privacy. We don’t create user profiles, sell personal information, or share data with third parties to use for marketing or advertising. And apps share only the information that you authorise.

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Apple products are designed to reduce our impact on the planet while maximising performance and strength. We strictly monitor our supply chain during manufacturing, are careful to design for energy efficiency, and work to make our products as recyclable as possible.

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We build Apple products to empower everyone. Every device, every piece of software and every service is created with accessibility features built in. Because when people can participate in the ways that work best for them, students everywhere are at their best.

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Mac and iPad. The tools to succeed.

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