Manichaya “Mafueng” Sukonpatip - Medicine

Studying Medicine
Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, class of 2023

“When I first got to med school, I was introduced to iPad and Apple Pencil, it really changed my life.”

Manichaya Sukonpatip, a fifth-year medical student at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University, is focused on helping people lead healthier lives — including herself.

“I was always the one who struggled with studying. I knew I would need to discover new ways to learn if I wanted to become a doctor.”

The rigour and intensity of medical school pushed Manichaya to find the best tools to help increase her productivity, organisational skills and retention.

“iPad is extremely helpful for a medical student. It enables me to create colourful content that makes it easy to identify anatomy and understand how the human body works. Plus, writing with Apple Pencil is smooth and natural. Its functionality is dynamic and user friendly.”

Amplifying her notes with drawings, clips and imagery helps Manichaya remember information better, and her Apple technology supports a seamless workflow. Before lectures, she imports her lecturer’s presentations into Goodnotes on iPad or AirDrops them from her peers.

“Now I don’t need to carry heavy textbooks to classes and labs. Not having to print slides also saves time and a lot of money!”

iPad has transformed her academic experience so much that she began creating videos featuring her top study and school-life balance tips. “I use iPhone to record my note-taking videos, then drop them on Mac to edit and publish.”

Today, she has many followers on social media who look to her as an icon of productivity and source of inspiration.

“iPad has helped me learn new techniques to be successful — I feel good sharing that knowledge to help others.”


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