Features available
with Keynote.

Keynote lets you create presentations as groundbreaking as your ideas.
So go ahead. Wow people like never before.

Showcase videos like never before.

Play videos and movies continuously across slides, without the need to start and stop, find where you left off or edit them into clips. Change the position, size or rotation and the video will animate seamlessly. The audio can even fade between slides or adjust when there is dialogue or a voiceover.


Outline your presentation. Easily.

With outline mode for iPhone and iPad, you can look at your presentation in a whole new way. Quickly jot down your thoughts, restructure ideas and move concepts from slide to slide. Then switch to slide view and start designing.

Align objects with motion paths.

With just a tap, you can point an object in the right direction and it will stay pointed in the right direction as it travels along a path.


Turn handwriting into text. Magically.

With Scribble for iPadOS and Apple Pencil, your handwritten numbers and data will automatically be converted to typed text. Jot down a formula or scribble a date and see it turn into text quickly and easily. Plus, data detectors now work with handwritten text to recognise phone numbers, dates and addresses.

Present via video conference. Like a pro.

Keynote for Mac now delivers a better experience for presentations via video conference. Play a slideshow within a window, instead of in full screen, so you can access other apps and files while you present.


Play YouTube and Vimeo videos right there in Keynote.

Embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo, then play it in your presentation, without the need to download or open the video in a media player.*

Other Key Features

Accessibility descriptions

Add accessibility descriptions to images, image galleries, movies and audio to help people using assistive technology.


Easily record, edit and play audio directly on a slide.

Captions and titles that stick with objects

Easily add text to images, videos and shapes. Your words will automatically stay with objects — if and when you move them.

Colour, gradients and images

Apply a colour, gradient or image to the background of any presentation, to your text or to any shape.

Customised themes

Create themes to use as a model for new presentations, and access them on any device using iCloud.

Dark Mode

Enable Dark Mode to give Keynote a dramatic dark look and emphasise your content.

Drop caps

Add a large, decorative letter to make the beginning of your story or paragraph stand out.


Export your presentation as a movie or an animated GIF to share online.

Gorgeous charts

From columns to doughnut charts, there are many ways to display your data. You can also create an audio representation of your chart using VoiceOver on iOS and iPadOS.

iCloud Drive folder sharing

Add a Keynote presentation to a shared iCloud Drive folder and automatically start collaborating.

Image gallery

Add and view a collection of photos on one slide, and include unique captions for each photo.

Interactive presentations

Turn text, text boxes, images, shapes, lines, arrows, videos and more into links. Then, during a presentation, just tap to open web pages or email messages, jump to other slides or exit the slideshow.

Maths equations

Add elegance to your mathematical equations using LaTeX or MathML notation.

Offline collaboration

Edit shared presentations while offline and your changes will automatically upload when your account’s online again.

Paragraph styles

Use paragraph styles to achieve a consistent look throughout your presentation and to quickly make global changes to your text.

Reading Mode

Scroll through your presentation, zoom in and out, and interact with it — without accidentally changing anything.

Remove parts of an image

Use the Instant Alpha tool to make parts of an image transparent and remove an unwanted background or colour.

Shapes library

There are over 700 Apple-designed shapes to choose from. You can change the colour and size, add text, and even create and save your own shapes.

Trackpad support on iPad

Use Keynote with Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad for a new way to work with your presentations.