Features available with Pages.

Take your documents to the next level. Pages is designed to give you amazing ways to tell your story.


Get the updates.
Then get in touch.

Stay up to date when people join, edit or comment in collaborative documents, and easily get in touch with your team using Messages and FaceTime.


Get more done on iPad.

Quickly insert objects, find settings and get to your favourite tools with the customisable toolbar. And Stage Manager extends multitasking across the big screen when working with multiple apps at the same time.1

Jump-start your designs with new templates.

Create invitations for your next big event with colourful photo card templates, or reward your students with a new coding certificate.

Batch mailing made easy.

Need to send a letter to multiple recipients? With mail merge, you can create a letter, card or envelope in Pages, and then insert a personalised greeting or address from the Contacts app or a Numbers spreadsheet.

An optimal view for your documents on iPhone.

Screen View makes it even easier to read and edit your docs on iPhone. Turn it on and text, images and tables are optimised to fit your screen. Turn it off to see the full layout.

Quickly translate text.

Instantly view a translation of any selected text — you can even replace it with a tap, if you like.2 Perfect for foreign language classes, businesses and more when you need a quick in-document translation.

Turn handwriting into text. Magically.

With Scribble for iPadOS and Apple Pencil, your handwritten words will automatically be converted to typed text. Take notes, write a book or annotate a paper and see it quickly turn into text.

Write reports more easily.

With report templates, there’s no staring at a blank page. Jump-start an essay, research paper or school report by choosing one of the beautifully designed templates. Simply find a template for the type of report you want to create, then write, insert images and more.

Skim through in style.

On your iPhone and iPad, you can read through your document, zoom in and out, and interact with it — without accidentally changing anything.

Play videos in your documents.

Play YouTube and Vimeo videos in Pages, without the need to open a web browser. Simply add a link, then play your web video inside your document or book.

Other Key Features

Accessibility descriptions

Add accessibility descriptions to images, image galleries, movies, audio and drawings to help people using assistive technology.


Easily record, edit and play audio directly on a page.

Captions and titles stick with objects

Easily add text to images, videos and shapes. Your words will automatically stay with objects — if and when you move them.

Colour, gradients and images

Apply a colour, gradient or image to the background of any document, to your text or to any shape.

Create and share books

Use one of the many templates to create everything from fairytales to cookbooks to novels. Add image galleries, video and even your own audio. Then share them directly with others or publish to Apple Books.

Customised templates

Create templates to use as starting points for new documents, and access them on any device using iCloud.

Dark Mode

Enable Dark Mode to give Pages a dramatic dark look and emphasise your content.

Default font

Choose your favourite font and font size, then set it for all new documents created from Basic templates.

Document links

Bring interactivity to your book by adding links to bookmarks, web pages or other pages of your document.

Drop caps

Add a large, decorative letter to make the beginning of your story or paragraph stand out.


You can export your Pages documents into other file formats, including PDF, Word and EPUB.

Facing pages or two-page spreads

View pages side by side as you work. Turn on facing pages to format your document for two-page spreads, book layouts, double-sided printing and more.

Footnotes and endnotes

Include footnotes or endnotes to add supplemental information to your document.

Gorgeous charts

From columns to doughnut charts, there are many ways to display your data. You can also create an audio representation of your chart using VoiceOver on iOS and iPadOS.

iCloud Drive folder sharing

Add a Pages document to a shared iCloud Drive folder, and automatically start collaborating.

Image background removal

Quickly remove an image’s background to isolate its subject or make unwanted parts of an image transparent.

Image gallery

Add and view a collection of photos on one page, and include a unique caption for each photo.

Maths equations

Add elegance to your mathematical equations using LaTeX or MathML notation.

Offline collaboration

Edit shared documents while offline and your changes will automatically upload when your account’s online again.

Paragraph styles

Use paragraph styles to achieve a consistent look throughout your document and to quickly make global changes to your text.

Precise object editing

Use more precise editing controls to fine‑tune the look and placement of your objects.

Presenter mode

Use presenter mode to easily read text while giving a speech. Your text scrolls automatically like it’s on a teleprompter.

Shapes library

There are over 700 shapes to choose from. You can change the colour and size, add text, and even create and save your own shapes.

Table of contents

Pages creates a table of contents that appears in the left sidebar and updates automatically as you edit. Use it to easily navigate your document and jump to different chapters.

Text wrap

Wrap your text around an image, video or shape to create a unique look.

Track changes and add comments

When working with others, turn on track changes to see everyone’s edits. Add or reply to comments to create threaded conversations.

Trackpad and mouse support on iPad

Use Pages with Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad for a new way to work with your documents.