Swift Playgrounds Learn serious code on your iPad. In a seriously fun way.

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Swift Playgrounds is a revolutionary new app for iPad that makes learning Swift interactive and fun. Solve puzzles to master the basics using Swift — a powerful programming language created by Apple and used by the pros to build many of today’s most popular apps. Then take on a series of challenges and step up to more advanced creations. Swift Playgrounds requires no coding knowledge, so it’s perfect for students just starting out. It also provides a unique way for seasoned developers to quickly bring ideas to life. And because it’s built to take full advantage of iPad, it’s a first-of-its-kind learning experience.

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Real Swift code.
Real simple. Real fun.

Learning to code with Swift Playgrounds is incredibly engaging. The app comes with a complete set of Apple-designed lessons. Play your way through the basics in “Fundamentals of Swift” using real code to guide a character through a 3D world. Then move on to more advanced concepts.

What you see is what you code: create code on the left side of your screen and instantly see the results on the right — with just a tap.

Conquer levels, puzzles and coding concepts.

Starting with the “Fundamentals of Swift” lesson, you’ll tackle goals using the same code professional developers use every day. As you move along, more advanced concepts come into play. You’ll continually build on what you’ve learnt and create even more complex code.

Fundamentals of Swift.

You’ll start by learning the important concepts you need to understand code.

  • Commands

  • Functions

  • Loops

  • Parameters

  • Conditional Code

  • Variables

  • Operators

  • Types

  • Initialisation

  • Bug Fixing

Master the basics, then step up to new challenges.

In addition to the built-in library of lessons, Swift Playgrounds includes a collection of extra challenges — with new ones added over time. Go deeper on a topic you’ve already studied or try your hand at something new. You’re not just building fun creations, you’re building your skills too.

A new way to create code.
On the best device for learning.

Swift Playgrounds takes full advantage of the power, Multi-Touch capabilities and simplicity of iPad. Just tap, drag or type text and numbers, and then interact with what you’ve created.

Edit in place.

Easily edit numbers with a keypad that pops up when you tap a number.

Snippets Library.

Quickly drag commonly used pieces of code from the Snippets Library to minimise typing.

Touch to edit.

Conveniently drag the boundaries of a statement around existing code.

QuickType and coding keyboard.

With QuickType for code, the Shortcut Bar intelligently displays commands as you go, so you can write a line of code with a tap or two. And for those moments when typing is the best option, there’s an innovative keyboard designed just for coding. Touch a key to access multiple characters, then drag to choose the one you want.

Jump-start your creativity with templates.

Templates give you a head start on more advanced creations — providing code that helps you take advantage of iPad technologies like Multi-Touch interactions, the accelerometer and the gyroscope. Get inventive and make them your own by adding graphics, audio and more.

Explore your creations in full screen.

As you work out your code, there’s no better place to put your results to the test than the vivid Retina display of iPad. Tap, pinch and swipe the screen, and rotate the device to try out the rich experiences you can create.

Share your creation with
a friend. Or the world.

Send your code to a friend’s iPad using Mail, Messages or AirDrop. Your friends can view it in Swift Playgrounds and even build on it by adding their own twists. You can also post a video of your running program to the web for the world to see.

Take things to Xcode.
Then take them further.

Because you’re working with real code, you can import and export directly between Swift Playgrounds and Xcode. So you can try out your ideas with the tool pros use to develop iOS and Mac apps.