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The smart assessment points to Apple.

Protecting what matters most through life’s twists and turns is what insurance companies are all about. And while no one can be sure exactly where life will take them, one thing remains constant: insurance companies rely on Apple hardware, native apps and enterprise partnerships to increase the experience, efficiency and effectiveness of agents, adjusters, risk engineers and more — regardless of the circumstances.

Apple in action.


Advanced on-device technology allows an adjuster or risk engineer to assess damage or risk with a single device.

Sales and Servicing

Smart apps help agents and advisors offer the right product with real-time information at their fingertips, all while maintaining compliance.

Training and Enablement

Location and app data combined with native technologies gives employees the most up-to-date resources, no matter where they are.

With iPad and Zurich Onsite, we’ve made it easier and faster for customers to reduce their risk and protect the things they care about.

Fausto Steidle Head of Operations, Risk Engineering, Zurich
1.3KRisk Engineers
2.6KiPad devices deployed
4Days fewer to complete
risk reports

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