Proactive Health Monitor

Always in sight. Always insightful.

Apple Watch inspires a healthier life all round. It monitors your heart rate and lets you know if something is wrong. Helps you keep track of your menstrual cycle. And taps you if noise levels rise to a point that could impact your hearing. You can also add complications like Breathe, Heart Rate and Noise to your watch face and keep them top of mind throughout your day. It’s the first watch that really watches out for you.

Built with your heart in mind.

Apple Watch Series 5 monitors your heart throughout the day, so you can check your heart rate at any time and keep track of your heart’s performance. What’s more, if it detects unusually high or low heart rates, it alerts you — even when you don’t feel symptoms.

On alert. So you don’t have to be.

High or low heart rates could be signs of a serious condition. But many people don’t recognise the symptoms, so the underlying causes often go undiagnosed. Apple Watch Series 5 checks your heart and alerts you to these irregularities, so you can take immediate action and consult your doctor.

Track your cycle with a tap.

The Cycle Tracking app gives you insight into your menstrual cycle and can help provide a clearer picture of your overall health. In addition to simply ensuring that you’re prepared, you’ll have more information to help you track irregularities and symptoms, and enrich discussions with your doctor.

Safe from sound.

Noise can rise to levels that may impact your hearing without you even realising. The Noise app senses when the roar of the crowd or the rumble of machinery reaches a level that may pose a risk. So you can step out or plug up to give your ears a needed break.

Take a breather.

Taking moments throughout the day to stop, relax and practise mindfulness can help reduce stress and improve overall health. The Breathe app keeps you centred by leading you through a series of calming breaths. It’s also available as a watch face, so you can bring focus to your day just by raising your wrist.

Apps that make health the first priority.

The right apps can play an important role in reminding you to keep up with healthy routines. Whether you want to track your water intake, make healthier food choices or reduce stress, there’s an app designed to help you prioritise your goal. And with the App Store right there on your wrist, it’s even easier to find great health apps.

WaterMinder. Track your water intake and set goals to reach the amount of water you want to drink each day.

YAZIO. Easily log your meals, calculate calories and track your activity for your personal diet plan.

Meditopia. Helps you slow down with on‑the‑go meditations to reduce stress, improve sleep and find more happiness.

Fall detection.

Apple Watch Series 5 can detect that you’ve fallen. When an incident like this occurs, a hard fall alert is delivered, and you can easily initiate a call to emergency services or dismiss the alert. If you’re unresponsive after 60 seconds, the emergency call will be placed automatically. Your emergency contacts will then be notified and sent your location.1

International emergency calling.

You can call emergency services when travelling abroad. Just press and hold the side button on Apple Watch Series 5 with cellular and you’ll be connected to the help you need. It even works if you’re nowhere near your iPhone.2

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