Develop the future.

Apple created Swift and Xcode so anyone with an idea can create something incredible. Our developer tools and platforms help higher education institutions empower the next generation of innovators with skills to solve real‑world challenges and code a brighter world.

Shanghai Business School

Building apps for real-world experience.

Shanghai Business School uses Swift and Xcode on Mac to power its innovation centre. Students come together in this advanced incubator space to build iOS apps that solve the problems they care about most.

Developer Tools and Platforms

Give ideas a platform to stand on.

Apple provides everything faculty members and students need to dive into designing and coding. With Mac — plus Swift, Xcode and developer tools that Apple offers for free — they have everything they need to build incredible apps.

Swift. A robust, open-source programming language that’s both easy to learn and powerful to use. Developers can write safe, reliable code for richer app experiences.

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Xcode. An integrated development environment that gives developers at any level a single workflow for UI design, coding, debugging, testing and performance analysis.

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MacBook Pro. Superfast processors, next-level graphics and secure storage make MacBook Pro the ideal tool for new and experienced developers alike.

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“We use Apple developer tools and platforms to support experiential learning for both coders and designers — Xcode and Swift Playgrounds provide the perfect space to reflect, learn, and grow.”
Daniel Trego, Educational & Media Design Specialist at Michigan State University

Opportunities for All

Build skills students will use for life.

Faculty members are integrating app development with Swift into their programs so all students — no matter their area of study — have the opportunity to gain cutting-edge skills they can apply to their future careers.

Empowering students with skills to chase their dreams.

Dr Michelle Traveler teaches app development to a diverse community of students.

“My focus is to touch students’ lives in a way that changes their future.”

Dr Michelle Traveler(she/her)Computer Information Systems FacultyMesa Community College

MacBook Pro. Packing an insane amount of processing power inside a compact frame, MacBook Pro is Dr Traveler’s go-to for everything. It has the storage, memory and creative capacity to handle every course load and CIS project with ease. So she can teach app development with Swift and Xcode at the highest level — from anywhere.

RISE! Mesa Community College students and faculty members developed a resource locator app that helps people in the local community find access to free food, shelter and healthcare.

“My goal is to see a world where everyone, regardless of skin colour, gender or neighbourhood, is given an equal opportunity to succeed.”
Dr Michelle Traveler, Mesa Community College

Develop in Swift

Lay the groundwork for great work.

Whether students are new to coding or already developing like pros, the free Develop in Swift curriculum provides faculty members with the flexibility to support all kinds of learners — even those who want to study on their own.

Download the curriculum guide (PDF)

Develop in Swift Explorations. Teach key computing concepts and help students build a solid foundation in programming with Swift. At the end of the course, students apply their app development skills to create a basic iOS app.

Develop in Swift Fundamentals. Help students build fundamental iOS app development skills. Teach your class core concepts and practices that Swift programmers use daily. And build a basic fluency in Xcode source and UI editors.

Develop in Swift Data Collections. Extend your students’ knowledge by creating more complex apps. Work with data from a server and explore richer app experiences — including visualising large collections of data in multiple formats.


Don’t stop there.

Apple provides free resources and programs for aspiring developers in your community to take their app development skills to the next level.

Resources for Xcode

Resources for Swift

Certification via Certiport

Help students earn recognition for their knowledge of Swift and Xcode. The App Development with Swift certifications are based on Develop in Swift Explorations and Develop in Swift Fundamentals courses to help students stand out for high-demand jobs in iOS app development.

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Coding Clubs

Everything you need to start your own coding clubs. Including tips for recruiting members, inspiration for app ideas and guides to create prototypes using Apple design principles. And the App Showcase Guide helps you host an event to celebrate your creations.

Download the Swift Coding Club for Xcode

Download the App Showcase Guide

Download the App Design Workbook

Apple Developer Program

Join the Apple Developer Program to create and distribute apps that reach your community on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. We’ve made it free for accredited educational institutions, so it’s easier than ever for faculty and staff members to participate.

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