The App Store.
A whole new design.
A whole new perspective.

Since the App Store launched nine years ago, millions of apps have been downloaded billions of times. And we’ve used all that we’ve learnt to redesign the App Store from the ground up. Inside you’ll find must-read stories, expert recommendations, carefully crafted lists, helpful how-tos and new ways to find your next favourite app or game. This is the biggest thing to come to the App Store — since apps.


Designed for discovery.

There’s nothing like finding a new app that transforms how you work or play. With new tabs, it’s easier than ever to discover the next app or game you can’t live without. Each tab is filled with content to keep you informed, engaged and inspired.

Thoughtfully crafted. Expertly curated.

Keeping up with all the great apps that debut every week is a full-time job. That’s why we have a team of full-time editors around the world with a unique perspective and a passion for what’s next. So you’ll see what’s bubbling up in app culture.

Our next chapter starts with a new page.

The app product page has been redesigned to focus on the details you need when deciding what to download. From more videos to rankings and reviews, we’ve got so many ways to help you pick the app that’s right for you.

Chart Position

If an app or game is on the Top Charts, you’ll see the ranking on its app page. So you know how popular it is right now.

More Videos

Videos. Videos. Videos. We’ve tripled the number of videos on each app page, so you can clearly see how an app works or watch what it’s like to play a game.

Ratings and Reviews

We’ve made it quicker and easier to see how much an app is loved. The ratings system has been streamlined. And when a developer answers a question, everyone can see the response.

In-App Purchases

It’s easier to find and make in-app purchases. You can start your purchase in the App Store and be taken directly into the app to complete it. You can also subscribe to an app or level up in a game, even if it’s not on your device yet.

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