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Totally. Rewrites. Rules.

Explore new ways to work with Apple Pencil, discover new experiences in apps and customise iPad even further. And bring your ideas to life like never before with Apple Intelligence.

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Apple Intelligence

On iPad Pro and iPad Air models with M1 and later, iPadOS 18 introduces Apple Intelligence, which draws on your personal context to give you intelligence that’s most helpful and relevant for you.

Coming in beta in US English later this year*

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Writing, focus and communication.

New Writing Tools and language capabilities help you write, summarise longer text and prioritise notifications.

Delightful images created just for you.

Create images to express yourself, craft Genmoji for conversations or revisit favourite moments with your own memory movies.

The start of a new era for Siri.

With richer language understanding and awareness of your personal context, Siri is more capable and helpful than ever.


Handwriting with Smart Script

Jot down thoughts fast. Let Smart Script smooth it out.

Live audio transcription

Record audio sessions within your note and generate live audio transcriptions you can search through or combine with other comments, checklists or documents.3


Make text stand out with colour.

Collapsible sections

Simplify and hide text with collapsible section headers, making it easy to manage your most text-heavy notes.


Maths Notes with Apple Pencil

Evaluate expressions, assign variables and even plot graphs with Apple Pencil — just as you would on paper — or with a keyboard.4 Calculator solves expressions inline as soon as you write or type an equals sign.5

Updated Calculator for iPad

Updated for the large iPad display, the basic and scientific calculators also introduce new tools like history and unit conversion.


Rearrange apps and widgets

Personalise your Home Screen layout by placing apps and widgets exactly where you want them on each page to let your wallpaper shine through.

New look for app icons

App icons and widgets appear even sleeker with a new Dark look. Tint them all with any colour, or have iPadOS suggest a colour that complements your wallpaper. You can also make apps and widgets appear larger.

Locked and hidden apps

Two new ways to protect sensitive apps and the information inside them when others are using your device.

A big update to Control Centre

The redesigned Control Centre features new groups of controls, which you can access more fluidly with a single, continuous swipe down on the Home Screen.


Your entire library, organised just for you

With its biggest-ever redesign, the new Photos app automatically organises your library by helpful topics and makes it incredibly easy to find photos fast.


All-new ways to play with text

Type with tone, flair and feeling.

Tapback with any emoji or sticker

Express yourself in more ways than ever.

Schedule a message with Send Later

Whether it’s too late at night or too important to forget, you can now schedule a message to send at a specified time.

Game Mode

Maximise gameplay performance

Game Mode minimises background activity to sustain consistently high frame rates for hours of continuous gameplay.

More responsive AirPods and controllers

Game Mode dramatically reduces audio latency with AirPods and makes wireless game controllers incredibly responsive.6


Quickly pull up a site’s Highlights

Safari will automatically detect relevant information on a page and highlight it as you browse. Highlights display helpful information like directions and quick links to learn more about people, music, movies and TV shows.8

A smarter, redesigned Reader

With a table of contents and high-level summary, get the gist of an article before reading on.9

Passwords app

All your credentials in one place

From passwords to verifications and security alerts, find them all securely stored in the Passwords app.

Securely synced across devices and apps

Works across iPad, iPhone, Mac, Apple Vision Pro and Windows.


Remote control in screen sharing

To assist more directly, just ask.


Present and share your story

Scenes let you organise, label and reorder content so you can present your board section by section. And you can send a copy to anyone using a link that opens the board on their device.

Improved diagramming and layout

Connect shapes, images and thoughts with an improved diagramming mode that makes it easier to form connections on your canvas. And align your board content just the way you like by snapping items to the grid.

Apps on iPad

Redesigned tab bar in apps

Stay focused on the content that matters with a redesigned tab bar that floats above your app’s content.

Updated Document Browser

An updated Document Browser for Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Swift Playgrounds helps you quickly jump back to your most recent documents.


Hands-free Siri Interactions

Say yes with a nod, or no with a shake.

Voice Isolation on AirPods Pro

Sound crystal-clear on calls, even in windy conditions or areas with loud background noise, through advanced computational audio.

Personalised Spatial Audio for gaming

The same immersive experience that has transformed music and movies puts you in the middle of the action of your favourite games.7

Privacy and Security

Control how you share contacts with apps

Decide which contacts to share with an app, rather than giving it access to all your contacts. Or give the app access only to those you message and call most.

Redesigned Privacy and Security settings

An improved Privacy and Security settings menu makes it easier to manage how much information you’re sharing with apps.

Improved Bluetooth privacy

App developers will be able to offer an intuitive new way to pair accessories while protecting information about your nearby Bluetooth devices.

And so
much more.


Eye Tracking makes it possible for people to control iPad and iPhone with just their eyes.10 And Vocal Shortcuts helps people with severe atypical speech record sounds that trigger specific actions on their iPad and iPhone.


Create, view, edit and complete reminders from the Reminders app in Calendar.


A new design lets you jump straight into a personalised selection of workouts or meditations. The For You tab elevates activities based on preferred trainers, durations and music. And an all-new search feature makes it easy to find exactly what you love.

Apple TV app.

See real-time actor and music information for Apple Original movies and shows with InSight.11

Home app.

With guest access you can manage how and when people can enter your home.12 Add robot vacuum cleaners to the Home app, including in scenes, automations and Siri requests.13

iPadOS 18 is compatible with these devices.

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  • iPad Pro (M4)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation and later)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation and later)
  • iPad Air (M2)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation and later)
  • iPad (7th generation and later)
  • iPad mini (5th generation and later)

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