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Welcome to a career built on community.

In Apple Retail, we help each other grow within our roles — and beyond them.
With that foundation, your passion and values will drive you forward.
That’s what happens when you bring who you are to what you do.

What’s in store for you?

Explore some of our roles to see which match your interests.

  • Information about the Specialist role


    Discover customers’ needs, then follow up with the right solutions. You guide and advise the customer, and help set up their new products.

  • Information about the Business Expert role

    Business Expert

    Connect business professionals and entrepreneurs with the products they need to help them build success.

  • Information about the Technical Specialist role

    Technical Specialist

    Help new owners get started and help current owners troubleshoot their mobile devices.

  • Information about the Creative role


    Use your own creative talents to inspire customers. You’ll help them bring their interests and imagination to life with Apple products and services.

  • Information about the Manager role


    Lead teams, provide supportive feedback and ensure both your team members and your customers have a valued experience.

  • Information about the Genius role


    Provide insightful advice and friendly, hands-on technical support. You also spend time behind the scenes, solving problems and repairing products.

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Specialist: Full-Time or Part-Time

Find available Specialist roles
Arlinda helping a customer with an Apple product.

Part-time roles for full-time lives.

As a busy new mother, Arlinda had very specific job criteria in mind. “I was looking for stable, part-time work as I learned to balance life and parenthood. I came in with no tech experience and I’m doing great, thanks to the training and my team.”