Where can I buy an iPhone?

Apple Online Store

When you purchase your iPhone from the Apple Online Store, you will get it SIM-free. So you can sign up for service with the carrier of your choice and change your carrier at any time. You can get a SIM or micro-SIM card from any carrier offering iPhone plans. View a list of carriers.

You can visit the Apple Online Store to shop for iPhone and accessories 24 hours a day. When you find what you like, simply add the item(s) to your shopping bag and check out.
See Shopping for more information on this topic.

How do I get ready for my iPhone?

Check out these handy tips that will help you prepare for your new iPhone:

Before you activate your iPhone

1. Check your voicemail - Activation may delete your existing voicemails. If you are transferring an existing number from another network operator, existing voicemails may not be transferred.

2. Transfer your contacts, music and photos - Migrate your existing mobile contacts into Outlook or Outlook Express on the PC, or Address Book or Entourage on your Mac - your mobile manufacturer’s handbook or website should tell you how to do this. When you activate your iPhone, your contacts, music, photos and more can be synchronised between your phone and your computer.

Don't forget: make sure your computer is connected to the Internet when activating your iPhone, either through a Wi-Fi network or by direct connection to your Internet router or Ethernet network. If it's not connected, you will not be able to activate successfully.

Will my iPhone work with my PC and Microsoft Windows?

Yes. iPhone is not just for Apple Macintosh users, even though Apple makes it. It works with Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP Home or Professional (SP3).

What is the minimum specification that my Mac or PC must have?

    Mac system requirements
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later
  • The latest version of iTunes
    Windows system requirements
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP Home or Professional (SP3)
  • The latest version of iTunes

Visit iPhone Technical Specifications, to find out more.

How do I activate my iPhone?

If you are ready to activate your iPhone, follow these simple steps:

  1. Insert your activated, compatible SIM (iPhone 3GS) or micro-SIM card (iPhone 4) into your iPhone.
  2. Turn your iPhone on by pressing and holding the On/Off button for a few seconds. Then follow the onscreen instructions to activate and set up your iPhone.

You also have the option to use iTunes to complete the activation. Connect iPhone to a USB 2.0 port on your Mac or PC using the included Dock Connector to USB Cable. iTunes will open automatically. Then follow the onscreen instructions in iTunes. In order to use iTunes, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet when activating your iPhone, either through a Wi-Fi network or by direct connection to your Internet router or Ethernet network. If it’s not connected, you will not be able to activate successfully.

Activation requirements

Your iPhone is all you need for activation. It will guide you through the process and connect to either a Wi-Fi or cellular network to complete the activation.

If you are using iTunes to activate your iPhone, you need an Internet connection for your computer and the current version of iTunes. You can download iTunes for free for Mac or PC. You also need to create an Apple ID if you don't already have one. An Apple ID account allows you to preview and buy music, TV shows, movies, applications, games and more so that you can enjoy them on your iPhone. While this account is free, a credit card is required for setup. Your card is not charged by Apple until you make a purchase from the iTunes Store or App Store.

Can I keep my number?

Please contact your chosen carrier for further information.

Don't forget: make sure you have transferred all your contacts from your old SIM card as it will be deactivated once your new number goes live.

Support and Training

Apple has designed iPhone to be incredibly simple to use. Nevertheless, there may be times that you could use a little help

iPhone Support

The iPhone Support site contains a wealth of information to help you learn more about iPhone capabilities, including the iPhone Users Guide, “How To" articles, troubleshooting tips and customer discussion forums. This site is updated regularly, and we encourage you to check it for valuable information to help you get the most out of your iPhone.

Apple provides support for all the hardware and software aspects of iPhone, click here for more details. If you do experience problems, you can take your iPhone to a local Apple Store or visit us on the web for other service and support options. For questions about the SIM card, basic voice and data services, monthly billing, or changing rate plans after activation, customers should refer to their carrier.

iPhone Service

If you have additional questions on service for your iPhone, please visit our service Frequently Asked Questions section.

iPhone Features

Click here and learn more about the top features of the iPhone.

Additional Information

Read on for some additional information related to iPhone, including accessory compatibility, gifting, recycling, checking order status, and returns and refunds

Accessory Compatibility

While there are thousands of accessories that have been designed specifically for iPod, these are not all fully compatible with iPhone yet. This is because mobile phones can cause audio interference with some accessories. Apple has created special iPhone compatibility requirements for accessory manufacturers. Products that are engineered and certified to be compatible with iPhone will carry a "Works with iPhone" logo on their package.

It is possible, however, to use many existing iPod accessories that have not yet been certified to work with iPhone. When you connect iPhone to one of these accessories, iPhone will notify you that the accessory was not made to work with iPhone. You will be presented with an option to go into Airplane Mode, which will turn off the communication ability of iPhone while it is connected to that accessory. This means that you will avoid any potential audio interference, but you will not be able to make or receive calls. If you choose not to enter Airplane Mode, you will still be able to make and receive calls, but you may experience some audio interference.

To shop for iPhone accessories, please click here.


We offer a variety of services that make the online Apple Store the ideal place for you to purchase items to give as gifts for family and friends. Find out everything you need to know about giving a gift through the online Apple Store.

For most items in our store, you can include a Gift Message on the packing slip - at no charge. When you order any new iPod, you can add a special touch to your gift for just £3 extra: the Apple Gift Package.

For further information, please visit the Gifting section.


Apple has long been an advocate of product stewardship, and we believe that this concept extends to the proper disposal of used electronic equipment. Apple’s recycling programme will take back your iPod or any mobile phone — free of charge — regardless of the manufacturer or model. Find out more about the Apple Recycling Program.

Checking Your Order Status

If you ordered an iPhone from apple.com, you will receive an email to confirm that we have received your order. Visit our Order Status website to view your order status, change your order, cancel your order, and more. For additional information on what you can do with our Order Status website please click here.

Once your order has been accepted and processed, we will send you a dispatch notification email confirming that your product(s) have shipped. This email will also contain carrier and tracking information as well as estimated delivery dates. You can also view this information by signing in to online Order Status.

Returns and Refunds

Of course, we hope you are thrilled with your purchase. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase and would like to return it, we are here to help.

If you are not fully satisfied with iPhone you purchased on apple.com, you can return it within 14 calendar days from delivery for a full refund. Please visit online Order Status or call 1800 92 38 98 to request a return.

Before returning the iPhone to Apple please check that you have:

  1. Received a RMA number from Apple (issued on request)
  2. Enclosed all accessories, in-box warranties and other material supplied unless informed otherwise
  3. Used if possible all packaging that was originally supplied. Unless damaged while being opened, the original Product packaging is most suitable for use for Product returns, and unless damaged while the Product was opened, this packaging should be used
  4. Ensure the RMA number is clearly displayed
  5. Seal the packaging securely

Returns are subject to Apple's Sales and Refunds Policy. This option is in addition to your consumer rights to return defective products, click here for more details and check "What happens if I have received a defective item" in the Returns & Refunds section of online Help.

Please note: If you are returning an iPhone, please contact your carrier. You may be responsible for early termination fees or other charges for the cancellation of your wireless wireless service.

Review the Returns & Refunds section of online Help for more information.