iMac 24-inch with M3 chip

iMac 24-inch in green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver, standing in a row, showing Apple logo on back of display

Packed with more juice.

The world’s best all‑in‑one computer, now supercharged by the M3 chip. With a stunning 24‑inch display1 that gives you all the space you need and an iconic design that livens up any space, iMac is perfect for work and play.

6 different colors of iMac
iMac with colour-matched Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse

Only 11.5 mm. Now that’s thin.

And less than 5 kilos.

The striking design of iMac is made possible thanks to Apple silicon — with a big leap in performance from M3.

M3 integrates the processor, graphics, memory and more onto a single chip, packing an entire computer into a space so thin it practically disappears.

Blazingly fast Thunderbolt ports.

And speedier file transfers thanks to Wi‑Fi 6E.2

A power connector that easily attaches via magnets. With a colour-matched woven cable.

The striking design of iMac is made possible thanks to Apple silicon — with a big leap in performance from M3.

M3 integrates the processor, graphics, memory and more onto a single chip, packing an entire computer into a space so thin it practically disappears.

Brilliant 4.5K Retina display

See the big picture. And all the details.

With its expansive 24‑inch Retina display, iMac offers a brilliant canvas for multitasking, immersive movies and games, and so much more. The display’s 4.5K resolution delivers brilliantly clear detail and shines with 500 nits of brightness. That’s five times the resolution and nearly 70 per cent brighter than the best‑selling 24‑inch all‑in‑one PC. And P3 wide colour brings whatever you’re watching to life in over a billion colours. No matter what you do, it will look incredible on iMac.

Best-in-class camera, mics and speakers. You’ll really stand out.

1080p FaceTime HD camera.

Ready for your close-up.

It’s the best camera system ever in an iMac. With a built‑in image signal processor, M3 boosts picture quality by analysing and enhancing each pixel at over a trillion operations per second. This enables superior noise reduction, incredible dynamic range and more balanced image exposure — so you look your best in any light. M3 also works together with macOS to keep the spotlight on you with Presenter Overlay, which elevates your presence by including you on top of content you’re sharing when on a video call.

Studio-quality mics.

For high-quality conversations.

Whether you’re on a video call, recording a podcast or livestreaming, the microphones on iMac make sure your voice comes through crisp and clear. The studio‑quality three‑mic array is designed to reduce feedback, and beamforming technology helps drastically reduce background noise — so everyone hears you, not what’s going on around you.

Six-speaker sound system.

Audio that really fills a room.

illustration of the sound stage produced by iMac

iMac brings incredible, room‑filling audio to any space. Two pairs of force‑cancelling woofers create rich, deep bass — and each is balanced with a high‑performance tweeter for a massive soundstage that takes music, movies and more to the next level. iMac also supports Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos. And when you combine that with a 4.5K Retina display, it’s like bringing the whole cinema into your home.

M3 and macOS.

Get it all done with flying colours.

M3 and macOS bring the latest and most advanced technologies to iMac, delivering exceptional levels of performance, efficiency and security. Built using a next‑generation process, M3 lets you zip through hundreds of browser tabs, build a multimedia‑rich pitch deck, and even explore new worlds with jaw‑dropping graphics. It’s up to four times faster than the best-selling 24-inch all-in-one PC with the latest Intel Core i7 processor.3 And it stays cool and quiet, even while tackling intense workloads. That’s the power of hardware, software and silicon — all designed together.

Up to 2x faster than
iMac with M14
Up to 2.5x faster than the most popular Intel‑based
27‑inch iMac models5
Up to 4x faster than the most powerful Intel‑based 21.5‑inch iMac model6

The world’s fastest browser, Safari runs up to 30 per cent faster.7 Create personalised profiles and securely share your passwords and passkeys.

M3 makes gaming an absolute blast with up to 50 per cent faster gaming performance and hardware-accelerated ray tracing for more lifelike lighting and reflections.8

Fly through edits up to two times faster in Adobe Photoshop.9 And work with massive 100‑megapixel images without a hitch.

There are more apps for iMac than ever before.

iMac has apps for everything and everyone. You can run many of your favourite iPhone and iPad apps directly on your iMac. And as always, it’s easy to search, discover and download on the Mac App Store.

iMac + iPhone.

Quite the pair.

iMac brings everything you love from iPhone to a gorgeous 24-inch display. iPhone lets you access what you need from iMac on the go. And when you use them together, they work like magic.

Your calls and texts come directly to your iMac, so you don’t need to switch
devices when you’re in the zone.

Universal Clipboard lets you copy text, images, photos
and more on your
iPhone, then paste to your iMac.

And you can use your iPhone
to take a picture or scan a document
and have it automatically appear on your iMac.

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Colour-matched accessories for iMac

Keep the colour going all the way to your fingertips.

iMac features a colour-matched keyboard, mouse and trackpad. Magic Keyboard with Touch ID lets you easily and securely unlock your iMac, switch users, use Apple Pay and download apps.10 And Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad make navigation comfortable and intuitive.

Like we said.


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Available in Blue, Green, Pink, Silver, Yellow, Orange and Purple

New iMac

Apple M3 chip

8‑core CPU

8‑ or 10‑core GPU

8GB to 24GB unified memory

256GB to 2TB storage11

4.5K Retina display1

Available in Silver

Mac mini

Apple M2 or M2 Pro chip

8‑ to 12‑core CPU

10‑ to 19‑core GPU

8GB to 32GB unified memory

256GB to 8TB storage11

Available in Silver

Mac Studio

Apple M2 Max or M2 Ultra chip

12‑ or 24‑core CPU

30‑ to 76‑core GPU

32GB to 192GB unified memory

512GB to 8TB storage11


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Designed with the earth in mind.

iMac was designed to minimise its impact on the environment. All of the virgin wood fibre in its packaging comes exclusively from responsibly managed forests. Its stand is made from 100 per cent recycled aluminium. The rare earth elements in the speakers, fan motor and power connector magnets are completely recycled. And we’re committed to transitioning our entire manufacturing supply chain to 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2030.

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