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On purchases over $300 until 30 September.
Monthly payments required.*

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Financing Latitude


  • 0% Interest for 12 months ($300 and over)
  • 0% Interest for 6 months ($250 to $299)

Offer ends 30 September.
Monthly payments required.*

12 months interest free offer is available on all purchases over $300 including Mac, iPad, Watch and iPhone.

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To qualify for 0% interest offers you must call Apple (0800-692-7753) to place order.


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Terms & Conditions

The Gem Visa card is issued by Latitude Financial Services Limited. See terms & conditions for more information.

This offer is available to qualifying New Zealand residents. To qualify for these 0% interest offers, purchases must be made using a Gem Visa or Gem CreditLine card issued by Latitude Financial Services Limited. Please note that interest rates, fees and card features presented on this website relate only to the Gem Visa card. Purchases made using Gem CreditLine cards do qualify for interest free finance; however, interest rates, fees and charges relating to Gem CreditLine differ from the Gem Visa card.

Minimum monthly repayments must be made during the interest free period and interest and repayments are payable after the interest free period. Paying only the minimum monthly repayment will not pay out the loan before the end of the interest free period. If there is an outstanding balance after the interest free period ends, interest will be charged at 25.99% for the Gem Visa card. This interest rate will be charged on any balance outstanding (unpaid) at the end of the interest free period. This interest rate is also charged on EFTPOS/Cash transactions. This notice is given under the Conditions of Use of the gem Visa, which specifies all other conditions for this offer. 0% interest offers are also available to Gem CreditLine customers. Refer to the Gem CreditLine website for conditions, fees and charges that apply to this card. Any finance charges incurred will appear on your card statement.

If you applied for a Gem Visa but have not yet received final approval or wish to make updates to your existing Latitude account, please call 0800-692-7753.
If you already have a gem Visa CreditLine card acquired through Apple, you can check the status of your account at the Online Service Centre.

* Conditions of 6 and 12 Months Interest Free

6 and 12 months interest free finance is available to approved customers where the amount financed is $250 to $299 for 6 months and over $300 for 12 months. Purchases must be made at the Apple Online Store (via Telesales, 0800-692-7753 or Chat). These offers are available until 30 September 2018.

12 months interest free offer is available on all purchases over $300 including Mac, iPad, Watch and iPhone.

General Terms and Conditions

Purchases are billed to your account when the merchandise is available and/or shipped to you. 

If you made your purchase from Online Store (via Telesales) using one of the cards issued by Latitude as shown above, the delivery date in your order confirmation may not apply. Orders placed using using one of the cards issued by Latitude as shown above are ‘complete ship’. This means that your order will not be dispatched until all items in your order are available for shipping. When your application is approved, you will receive an email notification with the updated delivery date.

General Disclosures

Offer available on advertised or ticketed price. Offer subject to credit approval. Not everyone will qualify. See terms & conditions for more information about the account terms and benefits. In many cases, applications can be processed immediately and a decision made in as little as 60 seconds. In some cases additional review of your application will be required. Some applications that require additional review can be completed and a decision made within five business days.

This information is current as of 4 September 2018.