MotionSimply special effects.

Motion is the powerful motion graphics tool that makes it easy to create cinematic 2D, 3D and 360° titles, fluid transitions and realistic effects in real time. With breathtaking performance, Motion is optimised for Apple silicon and the Apple Neural Engine — letting you create and play back stunning visual effects and motion graphics at incredible speeds.

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Object tracking made easier.

Motion uses machine learning to easily track faces and objects in your scene. Use the Match Move behaviour to mirror their movement and add emitters, replicators, text and shapes to produce realistic results.

Add cinematic flair. After the fact.

Create amazing depth-of-field effects with footage shot in Cinematic mode on iPhone.* Use the Cinematic tool to choose your focus points by clicking in the canvas. Adjust the depth-of-field effect instantly using a slider, or use behaviours and keyframes to animate it over time.

Your graphics in Motion.

Designed with editors in mind, the streamlined interface and incredible performance of Motion let you create and play back titles, transitions and effects in real time. Take the guesswork out by seeing your designs without the need to render.

3D Objects

Quickly import USDZ 3D models, then easily and precisely adjust their position, rotation and scale using behaviours or the keyframe editor. For even more stunning results, add cameras to a scene or combine objects with emitters, replicators, cameras and more.

Neon Filter

Add an eye-catching glow to any image, shape or text element with the Neon Filter. Enhance the effect even more by animating its intensity with keyframes. Or combine the filter with tracking behaviours to make moving objects really shine.

Optimised for Apple silicon

Create visual effects in the blink of an eye with Motion on Mac Studio. The media engine on M3 Max and M2 Ultra accelerates ProRes playback and export, freeing up the processing power for intensive tasks like rendering particle systems and adding complex behaviours. Using the Apple Neural Engine, Motion can track objects and faces at incredible speeds — even in ultra‑high‑resolution 8K video.

Powerful design tools.

Motion features a real-time design engine that lets you see your work immediately, along with a deep set of tools and content for creating and animating complex motion graphics.

A 2D and 3D view of your titles.

Easily create beautiful 2D and 3D titles that you can animate with drag-and-drop behaviours and intuitive text animation tools.

Stunning effects.

Just drag and drop to assemble impressive animations, with a choice of more than 200 filters and effects built into Motion. Then fine-tune your work with precise controls.

360° video.
A creative spin on your projects.

Motion features a robust 360 VR motion graphics workflow with real-time visualisation for a VR headset, so you can design 360° titles, generators and filters that perfectly map to your VR scene. Instantly apply those effects to your Final Cut Pro timeline and export a video optimised for YouTube, Facebook and other popular video destinations.


Instantly transition from 2D to 3D space by adding a camera or cameras to any 2D project while preserving your 2D groups. Animate and adjust the cameras to create smooth, realistic 3D movement.


Set up point lights and spot lights to cast shadows across objects. Fine-tune shadow appearance by specifying colours and edge types. When you set your elements in motion, shadows animate dynamically with the movement of objects and lights.


Turn any shape, video plane or paint stroke into a reflective surface. Add blur to soften reflections and use the Falloff feature to fade reflections as the object moves away from the light.


FxPlug is a powerful Apple-designed plug-in architecture for filters and effects. Choose from more than 130 built-in FxPlug filters and generators. And explore the thriving ecosystem of third‑party FxPlug effects that work in Motion and Final Cut Pro with custom interfaces and incredible real‑time performance — with FxPlug4 plug-ins enabled for both Intel-based Mac computers and the power of Apple silicon.