UPDATE 12 June 2019

Apple Xinyi A13 opens Saturday in Taipei

Apple Xinyi A13 exterior.
Apple Xinyi A13 features a two-story, free-standing pavilion design with a carbon fibre reinforced roof.
Apple Xinyi A13 will open Saturday in Taipei’s bustling Xinyi district. At Apple’s latest store in Taiwan, customers can explore Apple’s full line of products, take their creativity further and get technical advice and support.
For the first time, Apple will host artist-led Today at Apple sessions in Taiwan featuring world-class creators, including local artists based in Taiwan. Programming kicks off with a six-week Stage for Creativity series starting opening day, with a performance from singer Eve Ai.
The Forum at Apple Xinyi A13.
Apple Xinyi A13 will host artist-led Today at Apple sessions for the first time in Taiwan in the store’s Forum.
Apple Xinyi A13 staircase.
Inside Apple Xinyi A13, two unique, marble composite stairs descend to the lower level.
Every day, free Today at Apple sessions are offered on art and design, photography, video, music, coding, app development and more. The hands-on group sessions inspire learning and encourage connection between participants looking to take their skills to the next level.
New to Taiwan, customers can get personalised technical support on their devices in the Genius Grove, working side-by-side in the store with Geniuses under the comfortable canopy of trees.
Team members at Apple Xinyi A13.
Apple Xinyi A13 team members speak over 10 languages collectively.
Over half of the 155 team members at Apple Xinyi A13 come from stores across the region and collectively speak more than 10 languages. Creative Pros, the liberal arts equivalent to Apple’s technical Geniuses, are experts in one or more areas of the arts and ready to pass along their knowledge to Apple users of all levels.
Team members stocking shelves at Apple Xinyi A13.
Half of the 155 team members at Apple Xinyi A13 come from Apple Stores across the region.
Apple Xinyi A13 opens Saturday at 10 a.m. Nearly 4 million people have visited the Apple Store in Taiwan since Apple Taipei 101 opened almost two years ago.
To sign up for Today at Apple sessions, visit apple.com/tw/today and the Stage for Creativity page.

Images of Apple Xinyi A13

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