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UPDATE 27 September 2022

Apple boosts thriving UK developer community with the launch of the App Store Foundations Program

UK program to begin with focus on supporting female founders
Abstract illustration of the App Store Foundations Program developer community.
The UK is home to some of the world’s most exciting and talented developers, building creative and innovative apps used by millions. As part of its efforts to nurture this developer base, Apple is expanding its App Store Foundations Program to the UK with an initial focus on female founders.
Apple’s App Store Foundations Program provides developers with additional support to help create even better apps. Developers participating in the program benefit from a tailored curriculum in which they work closely in one-to-one and group sessions with App Store leaders from across the UK and Europe. The program has already supported over 1,000 developers across the Continent.
During these sessions, developers learn how to grow their business and expand the reach of their apps across the App Store’s 175 global regions. Among the topics covered is how best to use Apple’s technology and APIs, how to strengthen their editorial, and how to build their presence on the App Store. Other sessions cover monetisation, marketing, and a host of other topics that support developers on their path to growth.
Once their participation in the program has ended, developers have continued access to experts within Apple, ensuring they can continue learning and improving their apps over time as they benefit from the global exposure and user base the App Store provides. Developers can then become part of an alumni network where they can learn from the experience of others as they continue their journey to reach their potential.
“The UK has a thriving developer community and we’re thrilled to play a role in supporting it,” said Jen Walsh, senior director of the App Store and Services, International. “Crucial to the continued innovation and progress of the App Store is ensuring there is a diverse set of developers that can build brilliant apps to meet the needs of users around the world. The launch of the App Store Foundations Program here in the UK, with its focus on female developers, will help nurture the existing community of female founders here and inspire the next generation to follow in their footsteps.”

UK Developers are Thriving on the App Store

The iOS app economy continued as an engine of economic growth and opportunity in the UK in 2021, supporting more than 440,000 jobs across the country — a 21 percent increase since 2020 — and helping small businesses find more success than ever. This makes the UK the leading provider of iOS app economy jobs in Europe, where it has grown to support 2.3 million jobs.
In addition, research from independent economists at the Analysis Group released earlier this year showed that smaller UK developers, defined as those making up to $1 million a year and with fewer than 1 million annual downloads, saw an 84 percent increase in earnings since 2019.
The expansion of the App Store Foundations Program to the UK is another important initiative Apple offers to support European developers. Apple’s App Store Small Business Program, which aims to accelerate innovation and help developers propel their businesses forward, can benefit more than 95 percent of developers who sell digital goods and services on the store. Developers can qualify for the program and a reduced, 15 percent commission on paid apps and in-app purchases if they earned up to $1 million in proceeds during the previous calendar year. Apple never collects a commission from the more than 85 percent of developers that sell physical goods and services or distribute free or ad-supported apps.
Apple is committed to ensuring the power of coding technology and the opportunity to reach the App Store’s global audience is accessible and inclusive. Programs such as Entrepreneur Camp, Apple’s immersive tech lab for app-based companies led by technologists from underrepresented backgrounds, have helped support UK developers like Darf Design (the ARki app) and Social Audio (the Wisdom app).

UK Developers Participating in the App Store Foundations Program

Based in East London, SPOKE helps users sleep better and strengthen their mindset with a unique blend of lo-fi music, hip-hop, and mindfulness. Each soothing “episode” features music and spoken word by some of the UK’s best producers and rising artists, all of whom have been trained by neuroscientists, psychologists, and therapists. Each episode is a meditation created for music lovers who would like to improve mental and emotional health and provides a moment of calm to encourage relaxation, create headspace, and boost confidence.
“We’re excited to be one of the first developers to participate in the UK App Store Foundations Program,” said Ariana Alexander-Sefre, founder and co-CEO of SPOKE. “Working closely with the team at Apple has given us a great boost, and we look forward to building on the strengths of SPOKE, helping our users to enjoy an even richer, more exciting experience. We’re excited to see what the future holds.”
Frolo is a trusted online hub that supports and empowers single parents. Frolo Community offers friendship, connection, guidance, and meetups while Frolo Dating is a safe space for single parent dating. Both modes are fully user verified, ensuring the safest experience, and are separate offerings, all within the Frolo app.
“We’re thrilled to partner with experts at Apple as part of the App Store Foundations Program,” said Zoë Desmond, founder of Frolo. “Our goal is to provide our users with the very best experience, and the team has no doubt that with Apple’s backing can we not only make this possible, but also grow to reach even more users as we expand the services we offer. We can’t wait to get started.”
Frolo is an online hub for single parents with safety at its core.
Personal finance app Your Juno aims to educate women and nonbinary people on a range of money matters. Users swipe through fun, bite-size lessons to learn about paying off debt, buying a home, investing, and more. Each lesson is written by a team of financial advisors and takes just minutes to complete.
“We’ve got ambitious growth plans and the App Store Foundations Program gives us the perfect platform to achieve them,” said Alexia de Broglie, co-founder of Your Juno. “Partnering with the App Store team will enable us to focus on key topics like user experience, marketing, and international expansion. We know these are vital to our future success so it’s great to have the opportunity to focus on these in the upcoming weeks.”
An app marketplace where business owners can reach customers around the world, the App Store encompasses 175 countries and over 40 languages, with more than 180 local payment methods and 45 accepted currencies.
Since its launch in 2008, the App Store has been a momentous business opportunity for developers and a safe and trusted marketplace for users around the world. The more than 1.8 million apps on the App Store help creators, dreamers, and learners of all ages and backgrounds connect with the tools and information they need to build a brighter future and a better world.
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