watchOS 5

Be more active.

Stay better connected.

Activity competitions with your friends. Brand-new workouts. Innovations to help you take your running further. And more intelligent, fun ways to keep you connected to the people and information you care about. With watchOS 5, you can do even more with your Apple Watch from your morning workout to lights out.

Coming this autumn

Activity Competitions Turn a friendly rivalry into fuel.

Win the week. Now in addition to sharing your activity, you can challenge a friend to a seven-day competition in which you earn points based on the percentage of your Activity rings that you close. Healthy competition has never been so healthy.
Personalised coaching. During a competition, alerts will tell you if you’re ahead of or falling behind your competitor — along with the score. So you’ll know exactly how much you need to move to take home bragging rights.
Every victory deserves a trophy. You’ll find your competition award in the new Awards tab inside the Activity app on your iPhone.

Workout Updates New features and workouts to get your heart racing.

Automatic workout detection. For many workouts, Apple Watch senses when you’re moving and alerts you to start the Workout app. It even gives you credit for the exercise you’ve already done. It will also remind you to end your workout, in case you get distracted when you’re cooling down.
All-new Yoga workout. With watchOS 5, your Apple Watch will give you the most accurate metrics, like calorie burn, for those vinyasa flow sessions.
Take a hike. Now you can choose Hiking in the Workout app. Track elevation in real time and get calorie credit for those tough hills. See how many calories you’ve burned and how high you’ve climbed.

Advanced Running Features Innovation for miles.

Pace alerts. Choose a target pace and Apple Watch can tap you on the wrist to let you know if you’re behind or ahead of where you want to be.
Rolling Pace. A big step forward. This new metric constantly updates, allowing you to see your split for the preceding kilometre at any time.
Cadence. With watchOS 5, you can see your steps per minute during your running workouts. Running at your optimal cadence can help increase efficiency and reduce injuries.

Apple Podcasts Learn as you burn.

A more thoughtful way to work out. Podcasts are now available on Apple Watch, so you can stay connected to the stories, personalities and news you love.
Syncs automatically. Entertains instantly. The next several episodes are ready to listen to when you are. You can also use Siri to search for and stream any show available on Apple Podcasts.

Walkie-Talkie Talk about a new way to talk.

Say hello to Walkie-Talkie. A new, easy way to have a one-to-one conversation with anyone who has a compatible Apple Watch. Whether you’re at a concert or trying to find a friend in a crowded park, you’re in touch with a tap.
Simple. Personal. Playful. When you open the Walkie-Talkie app, you’ll see a list of people with an Apple Watch you often call, text or email. Just choose a contact and invite your friend to join you.
Press to talk. Then let go to listen.
That’s it. Over.

Smarter Siri More predictive. More proactive.

State-of-the-art smart. The Siri watch face uses machine learning. As it gets to know you, it gets better and better at proactively suggesting relevant content and shortcuts at the right time and place throughout the day. Just finished at work? Your “Drive Home Playlist” is waiting on your wrist.
Siri now works with your favourite apps. You’ll get the information you want, just when you want it — all at a glance. So when you finish your morning meetings, you can quickly squeeze in your regular workout.
Raise to speak. You no longer need to say “Hey Siri”. Just raise your wrist. You can also use shortcuts for the things you do every day — like ordering your morning coffee at Philz.

Improved Notifications Stay in the know. Respond in the now.

Do more in the moment. Check in for your flight and add your boarding pass to Wallet with Qantas. Change the time and party size for your upcoming reservation with Yelp. Extend your parking meter time with PayByPhone. Now you can respond within notifications from your favourite apps.
Multiple notifications. A single glance. Notifications from the same app are now smartly grouped together. So you scroll less and see more.
View web content. When you get a message containing a website link, just tap it for a view that’s optimised for your watch’s smaller screen.
Schedule Do Not Disturb. Set it for a specific amount of time, or until you leave your current location.