Fresh thinking transforms the grocery business.

Grocery stores might seem an unlikely place for cutting-edge technology, but H‑E‑B and Apple are transforming how fresh food is sold — and improving the lives of their employees, also known as Partners, who keep it on the shelf. With thousands of iPhones and iPads deployed across hundreds of stores, custom-built Apple apps and a team of inspired developers, H‑E‑B is improving the grocery business aisle by aisle.

At a glance

14KiPhone and iPad devices deployed

Ripe for innovation.
Transforming the grocery business from the back of the store to the bag.


H‑E‑B Partners have some powerful help.

Digital Innovation

Taking groceries beyond the grocery store.

Food Safety

iPad is many things. Including a meat thermometer.

Only with Apple

Custom-Built Apps

With Apple, businesses can build solutions to get any job done — all on a single device. H‑E‑B is taking advantage of custom-built apps for iOS and iPadOS to streamline store operations, remove redundant devices and allow for new business opportunities to serve customers even better.


Our partnership with Salesforce allows H‑E‑B developers to create powerful experiences on iPhone and iPad for their employees. The apps are built using the Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS and powered by Salesforce Service Cloud, to improve how groceries are sold to customers even if they are not in the store.


Apple devices are engineered with close-proximity Bluetooth technology built in. Custom-built iOS and iPadOS apps can leverage Bluetooth in powerful ways to solve a variety of challenges in the store, like recording and logging food temperatures.


Store-wide improvements.

Powerful solutions streamline store operations for partners.

iPad is helping increase food safety and reduce waste by regulating food temperature.

Custom-built apps allow food to be delivered or picked up across Texas, USA.

H‑E‑B has been inspired to hire more than 500 developers to innovate their stores.

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