Teaching Code

When you teach code, you’re not only teaching the language of technology. You’re teaching new ways to think and bring ideas to life. And Apple has programs to help you teach coding, whether you’re just starting or ready to get your students certified in Swift.

It starts with Swift.

Swift is a programming language created by Apple that’s as easy to learn as it is powerful to use. The commands are based on words you already know, like ‘jump’ and ‘forward’. And it’s used by the pros to create the most popular apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch.

Everyone Can Code

Hop, skip and grab the fundamentals of code with Swift Playgrounds.

The Everyone Can Code curriculum will guide you through Swift Playgrounds, an app that teaches coding for kids through a world of interactive puzzles and playful characters. It will help you introduce coding in the same language used by professional app developers.

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Teach every learner to code.

The Everyone Can Code guides help students understand the concepts behind the code, and include on-device exercises where they can practise coding and problem-solving. The student guides allow learners to work at their own pace, while the teacher guides help you support all your students, from giving extra help to extra class work.

A Quick Start to Code

A Quick Start to Code gives educators and families eight fun coding activities for kids ages 10 and up. It’s a great way for beginners to try a variety of coding challenges in the Swift Playgrounds app for iPad and Mac.

Everyone Can Code

Early Learners

Everyone Can Code Early Learners is designed to help educators and families introduce coding in the early school years, when learners are first developing computational thinking skills. Through these lessons, learners in Kindergarten through to Year 3 will discuss, discover and play to build a foundation in core coding concepts using the Swift Playgrounds app on iPad.

Everyone Can Code Puzzles

Puzzles offers more than 40 hours of flexible learning activities that introduce important coding concepts. Each chapter helps students build on what they already know, experiment with code, apply their understanding and creatively communicate how coding impacts their lives.

Everyone Can Code Adventures

Designed for students who have completed Puzzles, Adventures opens up a world of opportunities to build with Swift code. With open-ended activities, students can experiment with hardware features and event-driven programming to express their creative ideas.

See how teachers around the globe use Everyone Can Code.

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Educators worldwide share how students benefit from learning to code — even if they’re not going to be programmers.

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Dahlya’s students in Orange, California, USA, gain confidence and develop perseverance through coding.

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Diana’s students in Querétaro, Mexico, build critical-thinking skills through learning to code.

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Francois in Sainte-Julie, Quebec, Canada, teaches coding to build students’ skills for the future.

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Claire’s students in Blackpool, England, build transferable skills when learning to code.

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Rikito’s students in Osaka, Japan, use code as a tool to bring their ideas to life.

Tools to teach and learn in different ways. With accessible resources.

All students deserve an opportunity to learn how to code. Students who are blind or have low vision can navigate the Swift Playgrounds coding puzzles with tactile graphics that can be printed in embossed braille.

Develop in Swift

Build apps from the beginning with Xcode.

You don’t need prior experience to dive into designing and developing apps with Swift in Xcode. The Develop in Swift curriculum makes it easy to teach students aged 14 and older to code just like the pros — whether it’s for a term or for a certification.

Start teaching app development.

The Develop in Swift guides are flexible enough to help you support students brand new to coding and those with advanced skills. The lessons provide practical experience developing apps with Swift in Xcode, the integrated development environment professional developers use to build real apps.

Develop in Swift Explorations

Students learn key computing concepts, building a solid foundation in programming with Swift. They’ll learn about the impact of computing and apps on society, economies and cultures while exploring iOS app development.

Develop in Swift Fundamentals

Students build fundamental iOS app development skills with Swift. They’ll master the core concepts and practices that Swift programmers use daily and build a basic fluency in Xcode’s source and UI editors.

Develop in Swift Data Collections

Students extend their knowledge and skill in iOS app development, creating more complex and capable apps. They’ll work with data from a server and explore new iOS APIs that allow for much richer app experiences — including displaying large collections of data in multiple formats.

Learn to teach Swift.

The Develop in Swift curriculum is supported with a free online professional learning course that prepares educators to teach Develop in Swift Explorations. Participants will learn the foundational knowledge needed to teach Swift and Xcode directly from Apple experts, making this an ideal introductory course for teaching Develop in Swift in any educational environment.

Take coding to the next level.

There’s no limit to what your students can do with Swift and Xcode. Apple provides resources for aspiring developers, including certification and professional tools.

Get your students certified in Swift.

Help students earn recognition for their knowledge of Swift and Xcode. The app development with Swift certifications help students stand out for high-demand jobs in iOS app development.

Help your students become app professionals.

The Apple Developer Program lets your students access cutting-edge Apple technologies, app management tools, sample code and documentation. And they can distribute their apps to over a billion customers on the App Store.

At school. After class. And in the community.

Swift Coding Club resources help you and your students start your own coding clubs. Club materials support students in creating prototype apps using Apple design principles and guide them with design thinking projects. Students will prototype ideas, test their apps with peers and refine the user experience. And the App Showcase Guide helps you host a showcase event to celebrate their creations.

Apple Teacher

Apple Teacher is a free program for teachers that helps you build skills on iPad and Mac, get access to student activities and gain recognition for what you learn.

Teacher Resources

Explore all the latest resources designed by Apple to help teachers use technology and inspire creativity in the classroom.