iTunes LP

Everything you need to know to create a rich, interactive experience for your music in iTunes.

About iTunes LP

iTunes LPs offer endless opportunities to create an interactive, multimedia experience for albums in iTunes. Customers can listen to an album and view lyrics, liner notes, band photos, performance videos and more. You will need an existing iTunes contract before you can submit content. Your iTunes LP will be reviewed by iTunes for quality and appropriate content.


To create your iTunes LP, get started by downloading our easy-to-use template. Just drop in your own metadata, artwork, audio files and video files. A detailed how to-guide gives you step-by-step instructions and support along the way.

Development Guide

Our Development Guide tells you everything you need to know about the anatomy of an iTunes LP and the best practices for coding using TuneKit. TuneKit provides developers with a library of resources to create iTunes LPs, and as a framework that abstracts the WebKit Rich Media technology used in iTunes.

Asset Delivery

Download the iTunes audio video delivery specifications used for encoding and preparing core assets and bonus content for iTunes LP.


With the testing resources, you can simulate your iTunes LP on a Mac, PC or Apple TV. A testing checklist is also included to ensure that your packages work flawlessly.


Download TuneKit to jump-start your iTunes LP creations.