From support and training to tutorials and an online community of knowledgeable music pros, take your experience with Logic Pro to a new level.

Support and Learning


Logic Pro Support Page

Find up-to-date information about key topics as well as basic troubleshooting tips.

Logic Remote

Wirelessly extend the creative power of Logic Pro using your iPad or iPhone. Logic Remote takes full advantage of Multi-Touch on iOS and iPadOS devices and offers incredible ways to record, mix and even perform on instruments in Logic Pro from anywhere in the room.

MainStage Support Page

Find up-to-date information about key topics as well as basic troubleshooting tips.

AppleCare Support

AppleCare Professional Audio Support can help you keep your project running smoothly, whether you’re setting up a new installation or troubleshooting an existing setup.

Training Videos and Tutorials

Whether you’re new to Logic Pro and MainStage or just looking to pick up some tips, you can get up to speed quickly with free online tutorials or fee-based training provided by today’s leading music creation software trainers.

Specialising in both beat-making content and electronic music creation videos, ADSR’s production experts deliver free training on YouTube. Additionally, subscribers gain full access to in-depth courses on all aspects of music production and music creation techniques.

A daily resource covering the latest news, reviews, tutorials and interviews relating to Logic Pro.

Presenting full-coverage and in-depth Logic Pro video tutorials from industry experts, Groove3 has a diverse catalogue of lessons that cover all aspects of production with Logic Pro for every type of user — from beginner to advanced.

Learn the secrets of beat-making with Logic Pro, uniquely taught through the lens of popular music and presented in hundreds of entertaining and informative YouTube videos.

An extensive collection of online courses for Logic Pro and MainStage. Training staff members include GRAMMY and Emmy Award–winning producers and professional audio engineers.

Engaging and fun music production lessons delivered by expert Logic Pro instructor Josh Carney — an experienced recording engineer, musician, composer, producer, educator and YouTuber with over 14 years of experience in the field.

Audio engineer, producer and expert Logic Pro educator Chris Vandeviver delivers entertaining and informative video training on all things Logic Pro — presented on his popular YouTube channel and website.


These visually oriented guides make it easy to go deeper with Logic Pro.

The definitive book on using Logic Pro, by the founder of Logic Pro Help.

Online Communities

As the world of Logic Pro professionals continues to expand, the body of collective knowledge grows with it. Tap into a rich source of information and collegial support by joining a user group, participating in a web forum or browsing a Logic Pro blog.

Web Forums

Share insights and information with the worldwide community of Logic Pro users.

Get help with problems and questions from Apple’s official Logic Pro support community.

Learn more about Logic Pro from one of the most active and supportive web communities focused on Logic Pro, MainStage and GarageBand.

User Groups

Join a Logic Pro user group for hands-on training and knowledge sharing.

Logic Subreddits

The most popular subs for Reddit users who want to learn more about Logic Pro.

White Papers

Elemental Morphing in Alchemy

Learn how to morph between and combine elements of different sounds in exciting ways. Examples demonstrate the behaviour and effect of each Morph Element control to illustrate some of the creative potential of the morphing and resynthesis tools in Alchemy.

Alchemy for Creative Loop Manipulation

Read a workflow-driven examination of tools and techniques in Alchemy that you can use to creatively alter loop playback. Explore examples demonstrating how to make loops play at project tempo and transpose in real time. Additional demos take it a step further, showing how to transform loops with modulation and other effects.

Plug-ins and Content


Controller Keyboards

USB keyboard controllers designed to take full advantage of the core technologies provided by macOS and Logic Pro.

Audio Interfaces

Third-party hardware manufacturers specialising in studio-quality audio recording hardware compatible with macOS and Logic Pro.

MIDI Interfaces

Connect legacy MIDI hardware to your Mac and Logic Pro.