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Raymundo Magos Hernández - Drawing and Digital Architecture
Anáhuac Cancún – International University, Mexico

Cultivating a new era of modern architects.

As Director of the School of Architecture, Raymundo Magos Hernández is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of modern architects build sustainable and impactful solutions for the future. As a professional architect himself, he deeply believes that the most important energy flowing through his program is creativity. “And the iPad has been the perfect tool for students because we can bring everything together in one place,” he says.

With iPad and Apple Pencil, drafting barriers are removed — which allows more of his students from diverse backgrounds and drawing abilities to become modern architects using cutting-edge technology.

iPad and powerful apps, such as Morpholio Trace, SketchUp, Sketchbook, Autodesk Formit, Voxel Max and Procreate, are at the centre of the architecture program, where his students are learning to create digital concepts, real-time, three-dimensional models, technical drawings and augmented reality. “In only one ecosystem, you have these endless possibilities of digital expression,” says Magos. “Other devices on the market don’t offer this variety.”

With a mission to educate men and women so that they can make a difference and develop projects that benefit society, Magos has his students focus on designs that give back to the community — such as parks, schools and housing in local neighbourhoods.

“At the end of the day, we’re choosing the best technology that supports us to have a more advanced way of thinking. This empowers our entire program to look for different solutions to break the mould and make a real difference in the problems we’re facing right now.”

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Magos chooses iPad and its ecosystem of apps as the all-in-one powerhouse solution to teach and mentor architecture students. iPad with the Voxel Max app makes it simple to create and render 3D models, while the Morpholio Trace app and Apple Pencil provide endless tools to sketch and design details.

“Our mission is to educate men and women so they can develop projects that benefit society, making a real difference in problems we’re facing right now.”
Raymundo Magos Hernández Director and Professor, School of Architecture
Anáhuac Cancún – International University


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