User-friendly financing

Whether you’re shopping for a school, a university or a business, financing a new Apple product is as easy as using one.

Education financing

The Apple Education Finance Program offers your school or university financing options that support your goals. Flexible terms make it easy to upgrade and to include Apple and third-party products at the same time.

Flexibility to meet budgetary needs

  • Enjoy payment schedules that match your budget cycle: annual, semiannual, quarterly or monthly. Deferred payment options are also available to let you take delivery now and begin payments later.
  • Finance Apple and third-party equipment and services, including Professional Development, AppleCare, installation and more.
  • Recover past budget dollars with trade-in options that can decrease the costs of new gear.*

Apple helps your school get the equipment you need — and get the most out of your budget.

  • Discuss your financial, technology and IT planning issues with us to meet short- and long-term educational goals.
  • Explore the issues that a customized financing plan can address for your school board, school campus or faculty.
  • Discover how to maximize your budget so you can give your students and faculty the Apple products they need when they need them.

Financing that fits

The following are common financing options for education technology at schools and universities.

$1 Purchase Option

$1 Purchase Option financing lets you own the equipment at the end of your lease term. Quickly expand the technology available to students and instructors using your annual budget. Use trade-in options to upgrade.

Fair Market Value Lease

A Fair Market Value Lease offers lower payments with the plan to upgrade equipment at the end of your lease term. Put more gear in use by leasing instead of buying outright. At the end of the lease term, you can extend the lease, purchase the equipment at its then-current fair market value, or return the equipment.

Custom Options

Apple Financial Services can help you find the right options for your institution’s budget and technology goals. These options include same-as-cash delayed payment structures, Invest for Learning community contribution plans, trade-in and recycling services, flexible escrow account financing, and special offers on select Apple equipment and services.

Next steps

  • To learn what financing can do for your school or university, contact your Apple Education representative at 1-800-800-2775.

Business financing

When you finance, you get the Apple products and business upgrades you need with minimal up-front investment.

Advantages of financing

  • Fit financing to the way your company uses Apple gear.

    Technology life cycles are different for every company. Apple Financial Services works with businesses to match payment structures to their technology upgrades.

  • Keep your fleet up to date.

    Regular technology upgrades through leasing reduce compatibility issues and minimize the costs associated with having multiple generations of equipment.

  • Include Apple and non-Apple gear and services.

    Apple Financial Services offers financing for more than just your Apple equipment. Get services, accessories, AppleCare and third-party gear all in one payment.

  • Leasing Apple gear benefits your cash flow.

    For qualifying businesses, leasing equipment often means paying less over time than an initial cash purchase.

  • Financing means greater flexibility.

    Leasing through Apple Financial Services means your business can add devices to a lease at any time, with multiple term options, and even extend a lease term when business needs call for it.

  • Financing also means greater predictability.

    A clearly specified payment stream means your business knows what its technology costs will be during the financed term. That means fewer surprises for accountants and finance departments.

Financing that fits

Choose from common financing options or contact us to discuss other ways financing can support your business needs.

Fair Market Value Lease

If you want the latest equipment now, with the option to upgrade every two to three years, a Fair Market Value Lease is probably the right choice for you. At the end of your lease, you can return the equipment to Apple and get new equipment, or you can buy the leased equipment at its then‑current fair market value.

10% Purchase Option

Like the Fair Market Value Lease, a 10% Purchase Option Lease gets you the latest Apple equipment and an option to upgrade that equipment in two to three years. At the end of your lease term, you can buy the leased equipment at 10% of the original cost — or extend your lease.

$1 Purchase Option

If you want to own your equipment but would rather spread the payments out over two to three years, the $1 Purchase Option is the choice for you. You can make monthly payments while keeping more cash on hand for other expenses. After all the payments are made, you own the equipment for $1.

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