Thinking about a new Mac? Get up to $3440 in credit for your current one.*

Simply tell us about your current Mac or PC to get an estimate. Then mail in your computer for free and choose how you’d like to receive your credit — with an Apple Store Gift Card, a MasterCard gift card or a deposit in your PayPal account. It’s that easy.

Estimated trade‑in value.*

You can trade in Mac models, as well as some PCs. You can also trade in multiple computers to earn even more credit. The amount of credit will depend on the model and condition of your computer.


Up to $1430

MacBook Air

Up to $555

MacBook Pro

Up to $3440


Up to $3160

Mac Pro

Up to $2010


Up to $700

If your computer doesn’t have any trade-in value, we can recycle it responsibly for you for free.

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