PHOTOS November 17, 2017

Apple Park Visitor Center opens to the public

The Visitor Center is an architectural extension of Apple’s new campus.
The Apple Park Visitor Center opened in Cupertino Friday morning, welcoming neighbours and guests from surrounding areas to experience Apple Park’s innovations. The Visitor Center is a uniquely designed architectural extension of the new campus with similar aesthetics in staircases, stone walls and terrazzo floors. The Visitor Center’s cantilevered carbon fibre roof appears to float and is only supported by stone clad cores and no other extraneous columns for support.
Guests from the local community were among the first to experience the Visitor Center.
Inviting guests to explore Apple Park in an immersive and engaging way, a 3-D model of the campus is brought to life by augmented reality technology. Visitors can learn about the world’s largest naturally ventilated building and view one of the largest on-site solar energy installations in the world. Visitors can also choose to lift the entire roof off the building to peek inside to the collaborative office pod layout.
Guests are also welcome to make their way upstairs to the roof terrace for beautiful views of the main building and some of the 9,000 native and drought resistant trees on the grounds. As they return to the first floor they are invited to visit the cafe surrounded by olive trees or the store with Apple’s full range of products and exclusive Apple and Apple Park branded merchandise.
The best view of Apple Park’s main building is seen from the roof terrace.
The cafe serves light refreshments and offers indoor and outdoor seating.
The Visitor Center also carries Apple’s full range of products.

Images of the Apple Park Visitor Center

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