Canada Recycling Fees

New Laws Covering Electronics Recycling

Several Provinces in Canada, including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan, have enacted laws requiring that customers pay a small fee on some electronics purchases to cover the cost of recycling and disposal. Apple Canada collects the fees at the point of sale and remits them as required to the Provincial government where the purchaser resides.

Please read this FAQ to learn how this fee affects your purchases from Apple:

Who pays the fee?

The fee is charged to all end-user consumers, including individuals, enterprise, education, and federal, provincial, and local governments.

How is the fee applied?

When you purchase an affected product, the fee is automatically added to the cost of your order.

How much is the fee? What products are covered?

The fees vary depending on the type of product and the costs associated with recycling it. Products such as displays, computers, televisions, and various other consumer electronics have recycling fees applied to them. Different Provinces have enacted different fee structures, and they continue to review products and revise fees as the provincial programs evolve.

How were the costs determined?

Legislation varies by Province, but the intent is to examine the end of life recycling requirements for each product and determine an appropriate fee to cover those costs.

Where does the money go?

The fees are sent directly to each affected Province or its designated collection agency, which will redistribute the funds to organizations that transport for recycling and/or recycle equipment.

Are recycle fees taxable?


If I return the product, will I receive a credit for the recycle fee previously paid?

Yes. When a product is returned and a recycling fee is charged, you will receive a credit for the entire recycle fee and taxes. If the product is replaced with another covered product, the recycling fee and applicable tax will be charged again.

Where can I find out more about the laws and the fees in each province?

Contact your Provincial Minister of Environment or visit their website from time to time to check on updates to the legislation and regulations in the Province where you reside.


Advanced Disposal Surcharge (ADS)

British Columbia

Electronic Stewardship Association of British Columbia (ESABC) BC Return-It Electronics Program



Newfoundland and Labrador

NewFoundland and Labrador Electronic Products Recycling Association

Northwest Territories

Electronics Recycling Program

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Electronic Products Recycling Association


Ontario Electronic Stewardship Disposal Fee (OES)

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Electronic Products Recycling Association


Quebec Electronic Products Recycling Association


Saskatchewan Electronics Products Recycling Association