Using Mac is a

personal choice. And a powerful one too.

SAP, the market leader in enterprise application software, is constantly innovating and believes in motivating its people on an individual level – and that includes giving employees the choice to work on Mac. Since SAP launched its Mac as Choice programme, over 30,000 people have chosen Mac. Employees love the simplicity of macOS, enjoy longer battery life and have formed an active online Mac community. SAP has found that offering its employees this choice goes far beyond letting people pick their computer. Mac unleashes their full potential.

At a glance

105K+Employees globally
77%Of online transactions
touch an SAP system
94%Of the world’s largest
companies use SAP

Everything about Mac is intuitive.
And it’s as easy to use as it is to set up.


Apple silicon. Power through any task.


Mac works well with PC. And vice versa.


People love Mac.
At home and at work.


Fewer IT tickets.
For real.


Work on Mac.
Then work on iPhone.

Only with Apple

Zero-Touch Deployment

SAP uses zero-touch deployment, enabled by Apple Business Manager and their MDM solution Jamf, which allows devices to be shipped direct to employees whether they’re at home or in an office. The devices come directly from their supplier, without the need for any pre-configuration by IT. When employees take their Mac out of the box, they can set it up themselves in under 15 minutes.

Enterprise Services

SAP relies on Apple enterprise programmes and services to benefit from best practices for deploying Mac. AppleCare for Enterprise makes hardware repair or replacement easy. AppleSeed for IT allows IT to evaluate OS updates in SAP’s unique corporate environment. And the Apple Enterprise Developer Programme supports the creation of custom, internal-use Mac and iOS apps.

Privacy and Security

Apple devices are secure by design, helping to keep corporate data safe 24/7. Touch ID on Mac adds another layer of security. Policies are strictly enforced through mobile device management (MDM), which means SAP has total control. And employees can upgrade to the latest macOS on their own to get the latest security updates as soon as they are released.


A catalyst for positive change.

The Mac as Choice programme helps SAP stay competitive and attract new talent.

Fewer IT tickets and built-in security have reduced total cost of ownership.

Employee satisfaction has increased as they work on devices they love.

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