Teach and learn. From any distance.

Resources to help schools, teachers, and parents create engaging learning experiences at home.


Browse videos, apps, and books created and curated by Apple to facilitate remote learning.

Apple Education Learning Series

This growing series of videos is designed to help educators use built-in features of their Apple products no matter where learning happens.

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App and Book Collections

Apps and books for educators and parents supporting students learning from home.

Remote Learning App Collection

Resources for institutions and educators enabling remote learning.

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Learn and Study from Home App Collection

Support for parents creating learning experiences at home.

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Remote Learning Book Collection

Books for educators and students building learning activities across different subject areas.

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Engage students with helpful curricula and teaching tools.

Apps and guides that help you bring creativity and coding to any learning environment.

Everyone Can Create

Project guides that help teach students to develop and communicate their ideas through drawing, photography, video, and music.

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Everyone Can Code

Resources that help teachers introduce students to real Swift code through interactive puzzles, playful characters, and activities for both inside and outside the classroom.

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The Schoolwork app lets you easily assign anything from worksheets to activities in educational apps, follow students’ progress, and collaborate in real time.

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Creativity for Kids

Explore 30 iPad activities for children ages 4-8+, designed to help teachers and parents keep young learners constructive and creative at home.

30 Creative Activities for Kids


Explore apps that help you collaborate with students. And join the @AppleEDU community to learn, share, and connect with other teachers.

Use Built-in apps

iPad and Mac come with a collection of apps, like FaceTime and Messages, to help you communicate, stay connected, and collaborate.


Be part of the conversation on Twitter @AppleEDU and #AppleEDUChat, or check out previous chats on the Apple Teacher Learning Center.

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Set Up

Learn how to prepare, set-up, and clean Mac and iPad.

Quick Guides for Learning with Apple

From managing schedules and screen time to building a story, these quick guides will help create productive learning environments and make device set-up easy for teachers and parents.

Quick Guides for Learning with Apple (PDF)

Share resources with IT leaders to help them prepare Apple devices for remote learning.

Preparing your school’s Apple Devices for remote learning

Get guidelines and recommendations for cleaning your Mac or iPad.

How to clean your Apple products


Connect with Apple for support.

Get help from education support communities for all of your Apple products.

Apple Support Communities

Chat online, ask questions, and get help from Apple Education support communities.