École Secondaire Sisler High School’s CREATE program
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Prototype. Produce. Publish. With Apple.

1:1 MacBook Pro
85 iMac Lab stations
25 iPad Pro

École Secondaire Sisler High School is the second largest high school in Manitoba, and it supports a diverse BIPOC community. When district leaders saw demand grow for digital jobs in creative industries — such as gaming, coding, animation, film and graphic design — they sought to provide their students with pathways to these careers. So, in 2015, they launched the CREATE program at Sisler.

Powered by Apple technology, CREATE emulates a real-world industry setting with a flipped classroom approach, scaffolded by a curriculum infused with maths, science and art.

“At Sisler, our priority is student success,” says Principal Pat Graham. “Creating an innovative and compelling learning environment is key to empowering students to pursue their goals and passions.”

Mac performance allows students to design and render high-quality graphics and complex audio compositions without sacrificing power efficiency across CREATE’s 24 courses, ranging from game design to digital media. And the features built into macOS streamline their workflows and increase productivity — utilities like Screenshot and QuickLook make it easy to capture and preview their work.

And because the hardware and software being used in the classroom mirrors what professionals use in the studio, students are fully equipped to create detailed storyboards, animated films and original music. One example is the animated short and game, Roots on the Run, featured on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Kids.

“I feel like I have a jump start for university! Using Mac to build content with apps that professionals use every day for work gives me the power to bring my ideas to life.”
Shon CREATE Student, École Secondaire Sisler High School

Students move seamlessly between Mac and iPad for the task at hand. iPad is an expansive palette where CREATE students can easily draw, storyboard and prototype their ideas. They draft rough animations in Procreate or Keynote, then share their work on social channels for real-time engagement.

As part of their final projects, students also reach out to experts from studios like Disney, Nickelodeon and Ubisoft — via FaceTime and other video conferencing apps — to ask for feedback and further refine their ideas.

“The use of this cutting-edge technology is key to our program,” says CREATE Department Head Jamie Leduc. “It gives our students an edge when entering the workforce or continuing their education.”

70 per cent of CREATE graduates go on to pursue degrees in digital media or work with some of the largest media houses in North America. Apple technology empowers students at Sisler High School to develop the core competencies they need to thrive in today’s competitive job market.

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