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Latest Report

In our current report, you’ll find more detailed information about our efforts, how we measure the overall effect we have on the environment and the progress we’ve made over the last year.

Download the 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report

Measuring performance. One product at a time.

Our comprehensive Product Environmental Reports describe each device’s performance as measured against three environmental priorities.

Climate Change

How each phase of the device’s life cycle contributes to its total carbon footprint.


How efficient we are with materials and how we can recover resources at the end of a device’s life.

Safer Materials

Which toxic substances we keep out of our devices or the process of making a device.

Environmental Reports Archive

Additional Reports and Resources

Supplier Responsibility

We hold ourselves and our supply chain partners to high standards for upholding labour and human rights protections; maintaining effective health, safety and environmental practices; and sourcing materials responsibly. Our Supplier Responsibility site details the advancements we made in 2016 throughout our supply chain.

Visit the Supplier Responsibility site

Reuse and Recycling

Apple Renew is a global program that lets you responsibly recycle your old computers, displays, phones and other devices at an Apple Store and on our recycling site. Apple operates or participates in recycling programs in 99 per cent of the countries where we sell our products.

Visit the Apple Recycling site

Liam is a line of robots capable of recovering high-quality materials from 2.4 million iPhone 6 devices per year, reducing the need to mine more resources from the earth. Liam is an experiment in recycling technology, and we hope it will inspire others.

Read our white paper on Liam (PDF)

Responsible Paper Use

When we use virgin paper in our packaging, Apple requires our suppliers to source it from sustainably managed forests or controlled wood sources.

Read our Sustainable Fibre Specification (PDF)

Verification of Apple’s Environmental Impact

Apple obtains third-party verification of its environmental footprint by two entities: Bureau Veritas and the Fraunhofer Institute. Bureau Veritas verifies scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions, as well as energy use, waste and water impacts for our data centres, offices and retail stores worldwide. The Fraunhofer Institute verifies the scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions associated with our products, calculated using life cycle assessment.

View the Bureau Veritas verification certificate (PDF)

View the Fraunhofer Institute verification statement (PDF)

Safer Materials

Apple requires its suppliers to follow the rigorous standards set in our Regulated Substances Specification, which outlines Apple’s global restrictions on the use of certain chemical substances or materials in Apple’s products, accessories, manufacturing processes and packaging.

Read the Regulated Substances Specification (PDF)

Read our white paper on Integrating Toxicological Assessments in Material Selection for Apple Products (PDF)