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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can sign up to experience Apple Vision Pro at the Apple Store. You’ll meet with a Specialist one on one for an interactive demo experience. Book a demo at an Apple Store.
  • No. Apple Vision Pro was specifically designed to be used without glasses. If you wear glasses for vision correction, you may need to purchase ZEISS Optical Inserts. They magnetically attach to Apple Vision Pro to provide precise viewing for those who need glasses or certain contacts.
  • When you order Apple Vision Pro, we’ll ask you a series of vision questions. Your answers will determine whether or not you need optical inserts. Generally speaking, if you don’t wear any vision correction options, you likely won’t need ZEISS Optical Inserts. The same is true if you wear soft contact lenses to correct your distance vision since Apple Vision Pro works well with most soft contact lenses.
  • For the best Apple Vision Pro experience straight out of the box, it’s important to answer all the vision questions correctly and to add optical inserts to your Apple Vision Pro order if they are recommended. This will ensure that the Light Seal you get is compatible with your optical inserts.

    If you buy optical inserts later, you may need to purchase a new Light Seal.

  • Once we determine that you need ZEISS Optical Inserts, you can complete your purchase and upload your prescription to ZEISS. If you need more time, we’ll also send you an email so you can upload your prescription later. You’ll need to upload a valid, unexpired prescription from an eye care professional within 30 days of placing your order.
  • Yes. That person may need a different head band or Light Seal size for the best experience with Apple Vision Pro.
  • Apple Vision Pro is great for travel, and when customers travel abroad, the experience will remain consistent. That means all of their apps and content will remain accessible while travelling, so they can use apps and enjoy music, TV and movies.

    On the aeroplane, customers can turn on Travel Mode, which adapts Apple Vision Pro to the unique motion of commercial air travel to give you the best experience. They can dial in an Environment, wear AirPods Pro (2nd generation), and sit back to enjoy a movie while seats and sounds around them disappear.

  • Apple Vision Pro is only available for sale in selected countries and is designed for customers in those countries to use at home, at work and while travelling.
    • Apple Vision Pro only supports selected languages for typing, Siri and Dictation. For additional information.
    • The App Store requires an Apple ID with the region set to a country in which Apple Vision Pro is available for purchase.
    • Purchases on the Apple Music and Apple TV app require an Apple ID with region set to a country in which Apple Vision Pro is available for purchase.
    • For customers with vision correction needs, ZEISS will only accept vision prescriptions written by eye care professionals in the country where ZEISS Optical Inserts are purchased, and will only ship to locations within that country.
    • Customers may not be able to access certain apps, features or content, due to licensing or other restrictions in those countries or regions.
    • Apple Support is only available in the countries in which Apple Vision Pro is sold.