World Water Monitoring Challenge

As the world’s human population grows, the need for clean water increases as well. Invite students to join the World Water Monitoring Challenge, an international outreach program that raises awareness about protecting our waterways. Collect data from local lakes and rivers and explore how to solve renewable freshwater supply problems.

Learn about resources at risk.

In Chapter 41, Section 1, of E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth, read about the changes to Earth's waterways brought about by humans. Ongoing monitoring of our water resources enables scientists to assess the current status and then track the extent of a problem — or the success of a solution — across time.

Life on Earth, Unit 7

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Raise awareness.

The world’s renewable freshwater supply is dwindling as increasing amounts of water are diverted by agriculture and other human uses. Visit the World Water Monitoring Challenge website to learn how to get involved. Then use the Evernote app to list your ideas for planning, developing and promoting a water quality monitoring program for elementary school children in your area.

World Water Monitoring Challenge

Find out how your community can take part

The four parameters of watershed health

These are the key indicators that participants measure as part of the World Water Monitoring Challenge.

1. Temperature

2. pH (Acidity)

3. Turbidity

4. Dissolved

Start monitoring.

Use a template in Pages or the ThingLink app to create an advertisement inviting elementary school children to join the World Water Monitoring Challenge program that you’ve developed.

Earth isn’t only our mailing address; it is our life‑support system.

E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth

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