Powerful technology is always in fashion.

Fashion conglomerate Bestseller Fashion Group in China makes keeping track of 7,500 stores, 30,000 employees, tens of millions of customers and all the latest clothes look easy with iPadOS. Despite operations being spread out across China, iPad devices and custom apps allow an omnichannel approach to retail where data is shared across the system. This all helps employees style customers when they walk into the shop, reduce excess inventory and packaging, and ship out a shirt hanging in-store, expediting web orders.

At a glance

7.5KStores in China
13KiPad devices used in-store
27KHours saved

Changing clothing.
Fashion trends come and go. The ease
and convenience of iPadOS don't.


iPad. Super stylist.


iPadOS helps shop managers manage shops.


Apps know what sizes are in stock. At a different store.


A new season for fashion, due to better ways of work.

More effective and empowered sales assistants.

Higher customer satisfaction with professional styling tips and advice.

Sales assistants are 20% more productive, with less time checking inventory in-store.

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