Apple Digital Masters

Badge Guidelines

The Apple Digital Master badge is designed to promote your affiliation with the Apple Digital Masters program. These guidelines show the correct usage of the logo on the web and in other materials. You must follow these guidelines whenever you use the Apple Digital Master badge.


The Apple Digital Master badge can be used only by approved mastering houses or other third parties expressly authorized by Apple. Apple reserves the right to withdraw permission to use the Apple Digital Master badge at any time if use of the badge is inconsistent with these guidelines or is otherwise deemed inappropriate.

These logos are designed for web and print. For all other requirements, submit a request to

Badge Artwork

The badge may be used on any communication that promotes Apple Digital Masters, such as web and print materials. Localized badges are also included in the bundled .zip file.

Download .zip file (1.5MB)

Artwork for the Web

Use the badge at the size provided. Do not scale the artwork.

Background Colors

Use the Apple Digital Master badge on any background color that provides good legibility.

Artwork for Printed Materials

Apple Digital Master badges for print materials are available as PNG files. The badge’s size can be reduced to fit your layout but cannot be increased. For larger versions, use the Apple Digital Master EPS file. Do not alter the color of the background gradient.

Minimum Size

For printed materials, the minimum height for the badge is 8 mm. Use the badge at a larger size whenever possible and be sure to use a size that is clearly legible.

Minimum Clear Space

The clear space surrounding the badge is an essential part of its design so please keep this area clean and uncluttered. Do not place anything else in the minimum clear space area, which is equal to one quarter of the badge height.

Size and Placement

The Apple Digital Master badge should not be the main message, it must be smaller than the company, artist, or website and placed in a secondary position on the layout. Keep the number of badges used in a communication to a minimum. No more than one badge per page or surface should be used. An exception would be having a small web badge next to each title in a list.

Avoid Mistakes

Do not alter the Apple Digital Master logo in any way. Do not animate or rotate the logo. Do not add or lock text to the logo. Do not set the Apple Digital Master type manually, change the font type, or change the proportions of the artwork. Do not use the logo as part of a decorative illustration, graphic element, or background pattern.