iPad. For the office that doesn’t yet have doors, walls, or roofs.

Rogers-O’Brien has been constructing buildings in Texas since 1969. Today, Apple hardware and software play an important role in improving communications onsite and reducing expensive rework. Where superintendents used to carry heavy reams of paper up and down stairs and use cranes to lift plan tables to each job site, now they carry an iPad. And where different trades like electrical, mechanical, and landscape specialists required access to over 10,000 bits of different information, now they just open a few powerful iPadOS apps. iPad also captures job site information like never before, with both the built-in camera and the ability to control camera drones across the construction site.

At a glance

50KHours saved by
going paperless
$1.8MIn printing costs saved

iPad. The most powerful tool
on or off the belt.

When there’s no elevator, there’s no substitute for great communication.


Powerful apps and long battery life make iPad essential.


iPad makes working together in the field easy.


To see behind walls,
use an iPad.


Construction rework. Reworked.

Powering drones and 360-degree cameras onsite saves $500,000 per year.

iPad has reduced the rework budget to below the 7% industry average.

Since 2012, iPad has helped enable the company to scale, more than tripling its annual revenue to over $705 million in 2020.

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